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Pink reaches down and touches a fish, and then she recoils and shrieks. Eric starts yelling at her, to the point where it makes Bill uncomfortable, and he says, "Be nice." She keeps shrieking and whimpering. "GRAB 'EM! QUIT BEING A BABY!" he yells. "I HATE FISH!" she yells. "PICK IT UP!" he orders. She keeps saying she can't, he keeps bellowing at her. Uchenna and Joe, on the other hand, are now placing the fish into the bucket. Finally, Pink picks one up and puts it into the bin, so she has a chance to learn that the fish won't actually eat her, or whatever it is that she's afraid of. Bill and Joyce both start reminding Joe and Uchenna to move the fish they have to the holding tank. All three Roadblockers are now on the way to the holding tank, and Pink is still whining and crying because of the FISH of which she is TERRIFIED. They dump the fish, as Eric laments that he "should have done this one." I feel him, but... Pink has to do some things sometime. She already chickened out of the mental Roadblock they did last week; if she doesn't want to do physical tasks and she doesn't want to do mental tasks, that pretty much leaves piscine tasks, unless she wants to wait around for cuticle trimming.

Rob and Amber arrive at the Roadblock clue, none too happy about the other teams that are already here. They read the clue, and Amber says, "I think I could do it... she's doing it," indicating Pink. Indeed, I think anything Pink can do, Amber can do better. Not to be too bold or anything.

And here comes the second flight, which is landing a bit early, at 1:45 PM. David and Mary immediately get lost trying to leave the airport, and before long, she's hollering at him as usual. The BQs and Teri and Ian get behind a taxi they're splitting. See how easy it is when you just listen to the arrangements, Mirna? What I like about the "alliance" between Teri and Ian and the BQs is that it's not one of those alliances that's based on staying with the people it's most obvious that you would stay with -- those alliances where it's all the young pretty couples, or it's all the slow people who think they have extra-awesome morals, or whatever. This is people working together because (1) they're both pretty good teams, and (2) they get along. It's not about sticking with your own kind, or so it appears, and I like that very much. David and Mary are still fighting about his getting lost looking for the airport exit. And Charla and Mirna? Oh, they're leaving in last place. Looks good on you, harpies.

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