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Puerto Montt. It looks like a very nice, very touristy place, all built up and seaside-y. A perfect place to take your persecution complex for a vacation. The first flight lands, and the lead teams run for their cars. Uchenna and Joyce are first out. Then Rob and Amber, Eric and Pink, and Guido. Pink opines in the car that Bill was "psychotic" at the church about the clue thing. It occurs to me that if she's this alarmed, she hasn't seen enough actual psychotics, or, come to think of it, enough of Guido. Rob asks Amber if he should slow down and let himself be passed, just to see if the other teams will get lost if they can't follow. Amber keeps her face buried in her materials and tells him to focus on going fast and not fooling the other teams. He says "I know," even though she totally just now reminded him. ["I kind of wanted to surreptitiously high-five Amber just then. I really do like her this season." -- Joe R] They come up to a fork in the road, and he chooses to go right, admitting he doesn't particularly have a reason. He should have gone with "Bear, left!" "Right, frog!" Uchenna and Joyce, however, are following a cab and going another way, and Eric and Pink are sticking behind them. Team Guido is also apparently going the right way (as opposed to the Rob and Amber way, not as opposed to the left way, which is the right way), and when Bill frets a little over what it means that Rob and Amber went somewhere else, Joe exasperatedly says, "Rob's not Jesus!" Well, seriously. Joe is officially the first person to point out that if you don't want the entire thing to be about Rob and Amber, don't make it about Rob and Amber. It goes to show, though, that Rob's perception that people are overly focused on him is correct -- Joe's very frustration makes it clear that he's tired of an apparent barrage of WWRD inquiries.

Rob (not Jesus) is stopping a couple of cars to ask directions, and it appears that he learns fairly quickly that they're not pointed in the right way. Meanwhile, Uchenna and Joyce get a beautiful view of the ocean while heading to the fishery. Eric and Pink and Team Guido are following closely. "Rob is not here!" Joe happily notes, kind of stepping on his own Jesus point. When these three teams get to the clue box, the clue they retrieve is a Roadblock. In this one, you go into a big tank with eighty very flat (live) fish on the bottom, and you lift them and put them into a plastic bucket, then carry them to a holding tank in batches. You have to move all eighty fish before you're done. And then, when you have all the fish out, your clue is written on the bottom of the tank. Now: you are at a fishery. The clue talks about a "slippery situation." Do you think this might involve touching fish? One would think perhaps a fish-hater should avoid this, no? Pink takes it for her team, and Uchenna takes it, and Joe. Pink looks into the tank and declares, "This is disgusting." I don't think this will go well. She asks how many she has to do, and she's horrified to learn that she has to move all of them. "There's, like, a hundred of them in here!" Uchenna exclaims.

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