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Commercials. Damn, I think those Kleenex commercials are stupid. I'm sorry, but I'm not crying on a couch in the street. And I'm a sap. Give me a break.

When we return, we're still on Teri and Mirna, and... can you imagine -- seriously, can you imagine -- what Mirna would do if someone did this to her? I've been watching reality shows for about six or seven years, and I'm going to tell you: I don't think I've ever seen anyone who is quite as unaware of the enormous disconnect between her righteous indignation and her total jackassy rudeness. And that disconnect is as much of a reality show cliché as eating disgusting food, so to be the queen of it is a real accomplishment. She expects to be treated like a visiting dignitary, with "honor" and "politeness" and "class" and blah dee blah, but her sense of entitlement is so heavy that it apparently propels her into situations where she interrupts, interferes, berates, insults, complains, and basically violates every single rule she expects other people to follow. I'd go as far as to say just about everyone else on the entire race appears to have learned at least something from the experience, with the possible exception of Mary and David, and in some cases, people have learned a lot. Mirna? Learned nothing. She is worse than ever. All she learned is that she is a victim of... something. Well, everything. Not only that, but back at the counter, when Ian quite correctly tells her she's being rude, Mirna says, "I took lessons from the king of rude." That comeback is so lame, it's like an additional act of rudeness. If she had said, "I think your hat is rude," at least it would have been funny. Charla condescendingly lectures in an interview that "there was no reason for yelling and screaming." Teri was not yelling and screaming, obviously. She did speak loudly and firmly to Mirna, because Mirna was interrupting her conversation. But there really wasn't yelling and screaming. Not that Charla would notice this.

But guess what! In the end, nobody's getting on standby anyway, so it's a big lot of hassle over nothing. Everybody's checked in, there's no space, and there you go. When the rest of the teams get this news, nobody is very happy. The BQs are particularly bummed that this may not be the leg where they make their big move, unless it's their big move to the middle of the pack. Dustin notes that it particularly stinks because some strong teams are getting a lead on everybody else, which is a good point. The first flight leaves, and then the second, and Oswald notes that they will have to hustle today. He will be hustling calmly, of course, without unnecessary hubbub.

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