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Somehow, Eric pulls a ticket lady aside and starts asking about getting on the earlier flight, and even though it seems like they just made these reservations, she now is apparently able to bump them up to the earlier one, so now Eric and Pink are also arriving at 12:55. I don't entirely get that, since I'm not sure why it was full a minute ago and now there's space on it. In any event, Charla and Mirna are eavesdropping, and they manage to overhear this, so they ask about getting on the earlier one, as do some other people. The word that comes back is that it can't happen now, but they can hustle to the gate in Santiago and see if they can get on at that time.

The flight goes from Calama to Santiago. And when it lands at 10:14 AM, it's a mad dash among the teams on the tail end to try to get on standby. Specifically, Teri and Ian are running for it, as are Mirna and Charla. Teri and Ian arrive at the counter first, and Teri politely asks the attendant if she can please get on the earlier flight. Things are about to get awesome, so get a bowl of popcorn and sit down. And put your feet up. And put on a party hat. You may want a horn. As Teri is standing there working with the person, Mirna walks right up and starts talking to the agent who's already working with Teri. Mirna has some story about "they told us that you would help us at the other counter," but she's completely horning in on the person because Teri and Ian beat her there fair and square. "This is my counter," Teri says firmly. "Do not speak to my person while he is helping me." Which is, in fairness, not something Teri can probably enforce, but it's a perfectly reasonable thing for her to ask, particularly when Mirna has come and butted in line right in front of her with no apparent reason whatsoever. What you're witnessing here is simple: Mirna is what I would call a persecution bully. Mirna is used to getting her way by simply being the most brazenly self-obsessed person in the room, hooting and hollering about how persecuted she is until people just get tired of listening to her shit and, for the most part, do what she wants. Teri, on the other hand, is a mom, has absolutely no patience for nitwits, knows that she's in the right, and isn't really bothered by standing there and firmly talking back at Mirna for as long as Mirna cares to horn in. (Incidentally, one of the things I dig about this is that while Ian is definitely participating and backing Teri up by telling Mirna to back off, he's not trying to displace Teri as the primary combatant, which I think is a shift from what I'd have expected based on last time.) Mirna, hilariously, starts on this "you don't own the world" argument to Teri, as if expecting someone not to cut in and interrupt a discussion you're already having with a ticket agent constitutes a belief that you "own the world." By that standard, I'd have to say quite a few of us believe we own the world. I didn't realize it was so easy! "Do not intercede here," Ian says to Mirna before turning around with a chipper, "Security, please!" I doubt security cares, but: still funny. Because security hauling away Mirna in handcuffs is hilarious. I'm only sorry that Glarkware doesn't sell the "Shut up, Mirna" and "You Too" buttons anymore. If you never got to see them, they were perhaps my favorite race-related item of all time. But I digress.

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