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When David and Mary and Charla and Mirna get to the airport, they are not told about the cooperation that's ongoing with other teams. But at the hotel, Uchenna and Joyce pull up the airlines and learn about the flight landing at 12:55 PM. They're on track to get the earliest flight, but it turns out that Danny and Oswald and Eric and Pink didn't give their security codes, as Joe did, and Uchenna and Joyce are only able to buy for themselves and Team Guido. They also note that the other flight to Puerto Montt doesn't arrive until an hour later, at 1:55 PM, so you can assume that is going to be Option #2.

Rob and Amber get to the airport and note all the teams sleeping inside. They're feeling good about having their tickets already, but they don't want to tip their hands or be too obvious just yet. Sneaky music plays as Rob observes that they "should be in pretty good shape." Dustin and Kandice and Teri and Ian show up, and they note that it doesn't feel great coming in at the tail end when everybody else is already there. Uchenna and Joyce then return, and they tell Guido the good news, but they tell the other two teams the bad news that the security-code issue kept them from being able to buy the other tickets. "We really did try," Joyce tells Oswald, and of course he tells her not to worry about it, and of course he tells her it's fine. Rob and Amber are happy that they have their tickets sewn up. So far, they're certainly doing the very same ruthlessly efficient thing they usually do, and it's undoubtedly driving everyone as crazy as always.

When the ticket counter opens, it turns out that the tickets for the 12:55 PM are gone, and they're only able to get on the 1:55 PM, so everybody who's waiting winds up on that flight. There are only Rob and Amber, Team Guido, and Uchenna and Joyce on the first flight at this point. I didn't initially understand what was happening in the next shot at first, but what we see is that Charla has gone around behind the counter while the BQs are buying their tickets to try to cut in line and get the agents to work with her first. When the BQs are a little nonplussed at Charla's antics, Charla snots that she and Mirna were there first, so they have nothing to be unhappy about. Except, of course, the fact that Mirna is already at the counter, so there's no cause for cutting at this point. Charla also says she "can't see over the counter" and the BQs are "privileged" because they can, and she's not. I'm sorry, but this is bullshit. Mirna is at the counter. Both people do not need to attack different ticket agents. Mirna is perfectly capable of getting the agent's attention on behalf of the team. This appears to be Charla trying to wring an advantage out by bitching about being small, which is a disservice to people who actually do just want to be treated the same as everyone else. Furthermore, Charla's attitude seems bizarrely overblown, since as far as we saw, the BQs haven't even done anything or said anything in this sequence other than look amused at Charla's stomping around behind the counter and trying to butt in line. I don't think they even said anything to her. One of the BQs and Teri exchange this awesome "The hell?" look, and I realize that I am on a very different team, in the larger sense, than I would expect myself to be. Kandice interviews that in fact, Charla's personality qualifies as "huge." I'm not sure why, but that really makes me laugh, because Kandice is sort of smiling, and sort of trying to avoid saying, "She's really loud! You know... for somebody so... petite." Everybody gets their tickets, and they're all connecting in Santiago, and then some will get an earlier connection and some a later one.

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