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12:54 AM. Charla and Mirna. Mirna says that she and Charla are nobody's "pushovers." Call me crazy, but I'm thinking that a small dog could push Mirna over, so I think "haughty" is probably the wrong approach for her. A minute later, Mary and David leave, and Mary says she loves all the teams, but she misses the *wins. Seriously, this is what she says. And we get the nostalgic black-and-white shots of them, and how they were friends with Mary and David, and how sad it is that they didn't come back to try to give away another race to someone who had good character. I think Mary has successfully identified someone who would be even less deserving of a spot in the race than she is, since at least she attempted to win most of the time.

The little alliance of Dustin and Kandice and Teri and Ian are discovering that they have gone the wrong way, because there's a sign to San Pedro going in the opposite direction from the way they're driving. In his car, Ian says that hopefully, the navigation problem won't be a big deal, coming as it does at the start of the leg. This is a significant change from his performance during the third season, when he was a master of announcing regularly that he was certain to be eliminated, so count this as another positive change. Kandice opines that it "stinks," a complaint that's both accurate and bland, which is just how I think of her.

Mirna and Charla read the clue at the church. As they get advice on how to get to the airport, David and Mary pull up. Mary once again bitches in an interview about how Charla and Mirna were her friends, but then they passed her, not like the Chos who tried to hand her the race... oh, man, are we done here? I certainly hope so. "Them two girls, they will not beat me at nothin'," Mary vows. I kind of love the fact that she's chosen as her rival the only team that's perhaps racing as incompetently as she is at this point. It's like the Oberlin football team being all, "We're going to get those fuckers from Kenyon." Oooooooh, big talk!

At the Travel Agency of Late Hours And Free Internet, Rob and Amber book airline tickets getting to Puerto Montt at 12:55 PM. Then, a clump of teams arrives at the airport. The BQs and Teri and Ian are still sticking together as they reach the clue box at the church at last, then head to the airport. The teams trade hugs, and the BQs apologize for the navigation screw-up. That's pretty cool of them, actually, because teams are often really hesitant to take responsibility for stuff like this. More teams come to the airport, where the ticket counter is closed until morning. What emerges is that the current airport teams are going to try to actually work together and book each other's flights. The plan is for Eric and Pink, Guido, and Danny and Oswald to stay at the airport and try different ways of booking, while Uchenna and Joyce are going to try to find internet access somewhere and potentially buy everyone's tickets. In order to book everyone else's tickets, they need the credit card numbers that the other teams have been assigned. We watch as Joe gives over his little security code as well -- the three-digit number on the back of the card that you sometimes do and sometimes don't need in order to use the card online. Joe does own some great stuff; I'm not surprised he knows about online shopping. Uchenna and Joyce take off to do the tickets, which is officially the most interesting thing we've seen them do so far.

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