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Clueless, On Several Fronts

12:34 Uchenna and Joyce. Uchenna says he thinks that if they make good decisions, they'll do just fine. Way to go out on a limb.

Up at the church, Danny and Oswald find the clue box. Behind them, Eric and Pink are following Team Guido, heading for the episode's first goofy dust-up. The teams stop, and Bill hops out to ask directions. Eric and Pink see the directions being given and are apparently able to tell from the gesturing that they're supposed to keep going straight, because they drive off ahead of Bill and Joe, which really pisses Bill off, since they seem to be taking advantage of the directions he pulled over to get. The teams stop to grab the Puerto Montt clue, and Bill's all, "I want to talk to you," and he starts complaining about what they did. Eric isn't very impressed, and it's all pretty silly, honestly. All of a sudden, he's the one who wants to be attending the Amazing Montessori School, and I thought we resolved that several seasons ago. It only gets sillier when Bill stands in front of where Eric and Pink are parked so that they can't leave until he's done reading his clue. It's infantile, but... when Eric starts being all "you can't block my car," you have to kind of think he's reaping what he sowed a little bit, with the "we're in a race" and "anything to get ahead." It's actually Joe who brings Bill down a little bit and says they should just leave and not get in a fight. Eric chuckles about what "whiners" Bill and Joe are as they drive off, and... whatever. They're still cooler than you, dink, and they will be until you get a dog and stay with the same person for 15 years, so bite me. Oh, and? If you want to be the arbiter of cool, stay away from nipple rings.

Rob and Amber find their way to a travel agency that, as it happens, is open in the middle of the night. And it's probably watching their Vegas reality show right now, so that should be helpful. Elsewhere, Uchenna and Joyce find the clue box at the church and head for the airport. I swear, their entire theme of this race so far is Don't Mind Us, We're Just Doing Stuff. They're barely here.

12:48 AM. Dustin and Kandice. We learn that they're going to be working with Teri and Ian, who they think have "proven themselves" with navigation.

12:50 AM. The very same Teri and Ian tear their clue and go. Teri interviews that the BQs are "strong racers," and Ian notes that in addition to being funny, they "wiggle and jiggle" from one place to another. I'm not sure I'd really say that's true, and I could have lived without that remark, but you have to find your reasons for enthusiasm where you can. The teams meet up in their cars, and Dustin and Kandice point the way toward the town. I think Ian should loan one of them the Asshat, because that would be a picture I would enjoy.

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