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So now, everything is good, because either Mirna and Charla will be out, or David and Mary will be out, and I couldn't care less (that's how it's done, Rob) who it is. Well, that's not totally true -- I'd rather it were Charla and Mirna. But I win either way. Driving, navigating, driving, navigating, poor kidnapped Fern. And now, arriving on the mat... Charla and Mirna. Welcome, you are team number eight. They hug. Charla hugs the little-person greeter.

Here come David and Mary, who are prattling in the car about what a great experience it was, and how Mary feels like "a true West Virginian" after rafting. They land on the mat, and they are Philiminated. "It's okay," Mary says. She says they had fun. Phil asks her if she's in love with her husband, and she says she is. She says they now accept each other for who they are, and he says they won't change each other. And he doesn't really want her to fall in the river.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Rob and Amber versus Charla and Mirna. The ending "will have everyone talking." Oh, great.

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