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I'm Sorry I'm Wearing A Bathing Suit. It Is Very Weird, I Know

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Team Guido heads for the rafting in their car, followed by Charla and Mirna. David and Mary are looking for the rafting. Charla and Mirna emerge in their gear before Guido, so they get in the water in their raft first. But these two teams are really pretty close to each other, with David and Mary somewhat behind. As Mary finally gets in the raft, she loudly whines that she's going to fall over, and the guide says she won't fall over -- if she can follow directions. Hmm. Mary interviews that she can't swim, so she was determined to listen to the guide. We then return to the interview, in which she says that he was telling her if she wasn't careful, she'd "fall in -- and to me, that means 'die.'" David is sitting there that whole time, quite silently, with his shoulders kind of down, but when Mary says "die," his mouth slowly curls into a mischievous, devilish grin. Seriously, it's the most hilarious thing, because if you didn't know that he undoubtedly didn't mean it like that, it would totally look like he was thinking of pushing her in himself. In the raft, Mary notes that Charla's boots were in the tent, so the cousins can't be far.

The remaining teams raft. Bill groans while paddling, but it's not enough to get ahead of Charla and Mirna, so Charla and Mirna get the pit stop clue first, and they head back to the changing area, and before you know it, they're heading for their car. They meet up with their Fern, who is still there, since he probably has no other transportation back to where he belongs. Mirna approaches the car and says in Mirnese, "I am wearing a bathing suit. It is very weird, I know." When Charla gets there, they start looking for the key, and they realize that they left it behind in their stuff in the changing tent. Guido leaves first, but not before running into a post in the ground and giving people a giant heart attack that what he ran into was Charla. I'm serious. On the way to the pit stop, Bill has his hand on Joe's arm, because Joe is very emotional about what a crazy day it was and, undoubtedly, the fact that he made a big mistake that has really set them back. He's a little teary, but Bill is taking care of him, as you do when you love a teary dude. (Sidebar: You know, if I were in Congress, my first priority would totally be making sure that they aren't allowed to get married, because it really seems like it would be quite a societal menace.) They get to the pit stop and are team number seven, and they're as happy as if they were in first, because oh boy, could they ever have been booted in this leg. So, so easily.

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