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Welcome, Uchenna and Joyce, you are team number two! Welcome, Eric and Pink, you are team number three!

As Teri and Ian raft, Teri topples right out of the boat. They actually add a little "glug, glug" sound effect and an underwater angle, just so you know that you are potentially seeing the Teri's-eye view of what it's like to drown on television. Scary!

Commercials. I think MasterCard lost something when the "priceless" part started sounding a lot like "the freedom to buy whatever you want."

When we return from commercials, Teri falls in the water again! What bad luck! Oh, no, wait. They're just rewinding fifteen seconds as they very much like to do on this show for reasons unknown to me. Fortunately, the guide is right there and hauls her back over the side by her life preserver. I'm very glad they didn't show the first horrible death by drowning. What's awesome is that Teri, in her interview, says, "It was exciting to fall out of the boat!" You can see why Mirna, who would need a defibrillator at this point, never stood a chance. Meanwhile, Oswald and Danny are just enjoying the ride, as they like to enjoy all rides as much as possible. Teri and Ian collect their pit stop clue.

Dustin and Kandice are on their way to the pit stop. Oswald and Danny are reading their pit stop clue, so they'll soon be on the way as well. Dustin and Kandice happily run and land on the mat. Phil says, "Dustin and Kandice, you're the fourth team to arrive... HOWEVER." Phil tells them that they didn't get all their clues, and they can't be checked in until they pick up all their clues. Kandice looks down at the bunch of clues in her hands, acting surprised even though I think part of her? Isn't. She and Dustin take off in the direction of their car.

Teri and Ian are in their shuttle back to their car, noting that Oswald and Danny are just behind them. Dustin and Kandice are going to "retrace [their] steps" to figure out what they didn't do. We check on David and Mary, who are glumly noting that they are finally approaching Petrohue. As Dustin and Kandice go over the clues, they should be starting about here to realize that the problem is probably with the clue that... you know, they didn't do. Charla and Mirna are headed for Petrohue, as are Joe and Bill. Finally, Kandice figures out that since they never found the La Maquina sign, maybe THAT's the problem. Hey, maybe so!

Teri and Ian and Oswald and Danny get dressed. Or, actually, Teri and Ian get dressed. Oswald and Danny just get in the car and leave, so they manage to get out first. Ian realizes as he leaves behind Oswald and Danny that changing clothes was not the most efficient way to go. More interestingly, Teri and Ian go right leaving the rafting, while Danny and Oswald go left. As the BQs search for La Maquina, they pass Teri and Ian, and everyone is sort of confused about what the hell that means. At long last, the BQs actually find the sign that their clue led to in the first place, which allows them to find the missing clue box, and they retrieve their clue. The part I think is bogus about this is that they then say they already did the rafting, so they go straight to the pit stop. It seems to me you have to follow the clue. Where on the clue does it say you can go from here to the pit stop? Why, as a result of having done the course wrong to begin with, do they now get an advantage by being able to go straight from here to the pit stop? Everybody who actually looked for this clue until they found it was at a disadvantage, because they had to choose between the rock-climbing and the river. What if, had they found the Detour clue like they were supposed to, the BQs would have chosen the rock-climbing and lost time doing it? It just seems to me like this is wrong, letting them go straight from here to the pit stop, even though that's not what the clue says. To steal an analogy used on the boards, it's like letting a guy in a baseball game run the bases in whatever order he thinks will be fastest, as long as he touches all of them at some point. I just don't care for them not having to do the steps in order. It's the same rule they've always applied, but the circumstances here are bringing out a weakness in this particular rule.

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