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As Rob and Amber get out of the raft, she calls to the guide, "Thank you, we had fun!" That's kind of why I think she's an all right girl. She really does try to be nice to people, I don't think she's mean... I think she's reasonably decent. And she's a busy spaz-wrangler, you know? At the end of the course, they get out and pull a clue from a box, and the clue tells them to head to the pit stop. Phil explains that the teams will travel three and a half miles to Playa Petrohue, a black volcanic beach that will serve as the pit stop. Last team in "may" be out. Rob and Amber catch a shuttle back to where their stuff is.

In Dave and Mary's car, she just hopes that someone else screwed up besides them.

Rafting are the BQs, who are looking for a clue somewhere along the river.

Rob and Amber hop in their car and head for the pit stop.

The BQs finish the course and pull a clue that sends them to the pit stop. In the shuttle, Kandice tries to keep her smile plastered on as she's like, "So, we didn't have to do a Detour." And Dustin is all, "Um, no." They agree that "that's good." So at this point, (1) they were supposed to find a sign that they didn't find, (2) they were supposed to look for a clue, and the only clue they found was simply waiting at the end of the course they rafted, and (3) they're being sent to the pit stop without a Detour. This should be a sign that something is not right.

The BKs get in the raft, and they also get the guide's advice about not panicking if they fall in. Just grab on to the line and so forth. They wind up rafting alongside Oswald and Danny, pretty much.

Hey, look! It's Rob and Amber at the pit stop, being greeted by a local little person! Phil tells them that they are team number one, and they're really excited -- Amber, in particular, though he's grinning too. Phil says that they've each won a home gym. What a prize. "Congratulations! You win broccoli!" Rob really seems to be getting a kick out of Amber's outsized excitement, which is sort of charming. Anyone who thinks he's the only competitive one needs to watch how she's losing it over winning this leg. She cares a lot about how they do. Phil allows Amber to give him a hug, since she's nice enough to ask. And then Phil tells them that winning all three of the first legs is kind of obnoxious of them, basically. Rob says he doesn't care; he wants the win at the end. That will not silence your critics, sir.

Eric and Pink and Uchenna and Joyce are rafting. Uchenna and Joyce manage to edge them out and get the pit stop clue first. In the shuttle, Uchenna is surprised by how much time the BQs made up. Yeah, exactly. The BQs should be wondering that, too. Eric and Pink get the pit stop clue, and he's really irritated by the "blondies" being ahead of him. In a show of at least slight karmic appropriateness, the BQs' car won't start as they attempt to leave for the pit stop. Uchenna and Joyce and Eric and Pink manage to leave for the pit stop before the BQs get the car started. "That is such a bummer that that just happened to us," Dustin complains, having no idea.

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