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Clueless, On Several Fronts

Rob and Amber find the rafting first. Eric and Pink aren't far away, it doesn't seem like, but they run into Uchenna and Joyce, who are also looking for the rafting and can't find it. The two teams share frustration out their open car windows. Elsewhere, Rob and Amber are suited up and in their raft, and their guide is explaining how, if they fall in, they shouldn't panic. No problem! What's a near-drowning between friends?

The BQs can't find the sign for La Maquina. But they do stumble across a red and yellow arrow, so they figure they'll just stop, because... why worry? They park their car, despite the fact that there is no La Maquina sign anywhere. Oswald and Danny, on the other hand, have found the Detour clue, as have Teri and Ian. Both of these teams take the rapids as the BQs run around wondering whether they missed the clue along the road. They see the rafting guides, and they figure maybe they're supposed to search the river, despite the fact that they didn't follow the clue and find the sign for La Maquina. It's incredibly dense of them to think the leg would be structured this way, and not to consider the obvious alternative that they've stumbled over whatever comes after the clue they're actually looking for. But in the hopes that they can take a shortcut by not actually needing to find the sign the clue told them to find, they just decide to hop in the raft anyway.

Rob and Amber are rafting. They get very wet. "Holy crap," she says. At the rafting, Eric and Pink run into Teri and Ian and the BQs, who of course have not seen the clue. They know something is probably wrong, because in the raft, they're asking the guide whether they're supposed to be looking for their clue, which... is not smart, to me, because if you have to ask, then you don't understand what's going on and you should stop and think. The guide says he doesn't know, and they go on anyway. SENSE A PROBLEM, GIRLS?

David and Mary ask for directions to Petrohue and learn that they are way off. Elsewhere, Mirna and Charla are in a little office with Bill and Joe, and Mirna is asking someone what La Maquina is. Joe is kind of confused when she keeps mentioning Petrohue, and he's all, "What does Petrohue have to do with any of this?" and Mirna breaks the news that they're missing half of the clue. "You're lucky you're with us," Mirna says condescendingly. Joe can only say that he never saw that part of the clue. I feel really bad for Joe, because he's way too good to get sneered at by freaking Mirna, of all people. In the car, Mirna can't stop talking about how good a person she is for telling them about the other part of the clue. She loves nothing more than the opportunity to congratulate herself, so she's probably happy it turned out like this. "Maybe we're not cutthroat enough for this game," Mirna sniffs. In their car, Bill and Joe are discussing how happy they are that they saw Charla and Mirna. Well, for the sake of getting directions, they're happy.

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