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Rob and Amber and Eric and Pink find the clue at La Maquina. When both teams pull out the clue, it's a Detour. The choices are Vertical Limit and River Wild, which I love, because they're both cheesy-ass suspense/action movies, and they're both bad in the sort of can't-look-away sort of sense. Vertical Limit is a 40-foot vertical rock climb that both team members have to do. River Wild is a two and a half mile whitewater rafting trip with a guide, which is two miles back down the road. Both teams take the rafting, which kind of surprised me, because... I would assume that the climb would be easier as long as you're in shape. I don't think I've ever seen rock-climbing not be the right Detour choice. I don't know. Uchenna and Joyce are approaching the Detour, and they see the two teams leaving. Uchenna and Joyce take the rafting as well. In an interview, Amber says that she almost died the last time they went rafting, so she's presumably hoping to avoid near-death experiences. Eric and Pink look for the rafting, but they take a wrong turn that Rob and Amber avoid.

The BQs approach Petrohue, saying they're now looking for La Maquina. Mary and David are in the same situation, but when they drive by the sign saying that Petrohue is to the left, Mary doesn't see it. David sees it out of the corner of his eye, and he wonders aloud whether that was on the sign back there, but Mary basically tells him to shut up, which is... not a brilliant idea. So they miss the turn. In other news, Charla is yelling "AMIGO!" out the window at this guy, and I really hope briefly that she's going to tell him they need to find the ferry, because... maybe the best Charla moment ever, and it would have made the entire season for my best friend's wife, who thinks that is the funniest moment in the history of television, just about. But Charla just asks for Petrohue. Just then, Charla and Mirna, strictly by chance, run into Bill and Joe. Mirna is trying to ask the guy for Petrohue in English, but Bill comes over and tells the guy he can understand it in Spanish. The guy tells them that he can't go with them as Mirna is asking, because he has to work. Mirna offers the guy $50 -- is that enough to make up for missing a whole day of work? -- and then she and Charla literally reach out and grab the guy and drag him. Like, he genuinely appears unwilling, and they're dragging this stranger toward their car. Charla shrieks at the Guidos that they'll pay the guy $25 each, and they'll let Bill and Joe follow them. "Don't screw us like the girls did!" Charla yells, despite the fact that... nobody screwed them, ever. "We're not going to screw you, don't worry," Bill says, in a way I choose to find dryly funny. "Welcome to Charla and Mirna's world," Charla says to their reluctant ForcedFern. "It's a scary one." Amen, sister. Who knew I was going to find common ground with them during this leg?

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