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Clueless, On Several Fronts

Bill and Joe find a river and decide to look all around. AIIIEEEE!

Rob and Amber run into Eric and Pink, and the teams start working together on the navigating. Rob interviews that he didn't have a problem working with them, since he's very confident that in any head-to-head situation, he and Amber are "the odds-on favorite," so it's good to have a team you can beat late in a leg that will stay right with you. It's interesting to me that he doesn't say he and Amber will beat them in any situation -- he says they're the favorite in any situation, which I think is probably true.

Back at the Roadblock, Kandice, David, Mirna, Teri, and Danny are still working with fish. Ian notes that David really moves once he gets the fish out. Ian urges Teri to hurry. Danny trips again, and Oswald frets that he can't go help. Aw. Kandice finishes, so the BQs are on the way. They did well with that one. And then David finishes, so they leave too. Once they're in the car, Mary does praise him for how well he did, so there's that to be happy about. "This is so many fish! It's impossible[, Phyllis]," Mirna notes.

Commercials. If needed a Motorola product, I would have asked for one in 1985.

We return, and Ian says, "Hoo-rah for Teri!" Which I love. Look at him trying! Now Ian and Teri are done, so it's just Mirna and Charla and Danny and Oswald stuck at this Roadblock, which seems really wrong. Danny gets done, and as they leave, Oswald says, "Promise me you'll do more cardio." Mirna continues to fiddle with the fish; Charla flaps her arms in frustration.

Uchenna and Joyce stop for directions to Petrohue. As Uchenna offers an unsolicited hug to the woman who gives the directions, he apologetically notes that he smells like fish. I'll bet. Poor directions lady. I hope she doesn't have a date later.

Rob and Amber are on the way to Petrohue. So are Eric and Pink, who are noting the pretty scenery out the window. Hey, so are Uchenna and Joyce! The BQs are also on their way, looking for the right road, and then David and Mary. Mary says they like the ocean as long as all they have to do is look and not touch. I think I've lost my ability to appreciate other people appreciating scenery.

Back at the Roadblock, Mirna reads the clue, because she is finished at last. Elsewhere entirely, Bill is asking some dude where La Maquina is, and of course, the guy has never heard of it, because it's a little sign that's like 50 miles away. Bill and Joe can't figure out why nobody knows where they're supposed to be going, but aside from blowing the clue, they're still pretty level-headed. So Bill is quite sure that they've "made a mistake," and he just wants to get into town and figure out what's going on. It's exactly the right move, because I think he knows that exactly the wrong move is to just drive around a deserted wasteland and hope for a miracle.

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