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I'm Sorry I'm Wearing A Bathing Suit. It Is Very Weird, I Know

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Amber calmly wrestles fish into her bucket Gee, look -- no shrieking! Pink, on the other hand? Still shrieking. Eric is still yelling at her about "being a baby." Rob, on the other hand, just keeps telling Amber she's "doing great." Amber's only comment is, "I'm going to smell real good after this." You've got to hate the stink tasks. That will ruin your whole day.

Danny and Oswald are now in the lead among the teams that came on the second flight, followed by the BQs and BKs (oh, OKAY, Ian, for crying out loud), then Mirna and Charla and Dave and Mary, all of whom are somewhere or other, I know not where. Danny points fabulously as the BKs pass him. My favorite part is where Oswald says, "Ay, dios mio," and the yellow captioning helpfully says, "Oh my God." Like, thanks, yes, I am culturally illiterate. This next group of three teams gets to the Roadblock at the fishery. Ian calls out to Teri to hurry, and he really does it in this relatively calm "Teriiiii," way, rather than being all "HUMP IT!", which I appreciate. Not that I don't miss "HUMP IT!", because I find that I sort of do. ["Agreed. What a weird season." -- Joe R] Kandice, Danny, and Teri take the Roadblock.

Uchenna and Joe are still fish-grabbing away. Bill tells Joe to "meditate them down into submission." Ha! Bill also tells him it's a "Zen" sort of process. As Joe takes a bucket to the holding tank, he happily calls out, "I'm the fish whisperer!" Hey, quit writing the recap, cheater. Eric tells Pink that in order to carry the bucket of fish, "put your boobs on it." He calls again, "Use your boobs!" Rob interviews that Eric was making endless boob comments during the task, and he's wearing this grin that's not so much... well, it's not that he found it offensive, but he would know better. I also think he found it kind of lame and unfunny, except as an example of a dude who doesn't know any better. "Dan, you gotta use your boobs, use your boobs!" Eric keeps yelling. When you're being counseled by Rob about keeping your mouth shut, it's time to rethink your approach, I believe. Teri wrestles fish while Ian tries to keep from yelling, simply saying "you've got to hustle" again and again. "Be the fish, become the fish," Oswald deadpans to Danny, who then takes a header, wiping out on the ground in a moment that looked pretty painful. So that was more like "be the dirt, become the dirt," which is not so much what Oswald had in mind.

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