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Previously on Roadside Yelling: A Non-Love Story: A Roadblock proved that sometimes, you have to look beyond the cute boys and see the writing on the wall. And: word. A construction Detour proved that a woman who can drive a front-loader is a steal at any price. Mirna begged a taxi driver to take her money and let her starve to death, and he kind of wanted out, and so did the BQs. Charla and Mirna decided that everyone but Phil was out to get them, and they just got madder and madder. After some navigation issues and an unfortunate misunderstanding regarding the speed limit, Kevin and Drew found themselves on the bad end of a harsh elimination, and Drew hopefully went somewhere to recuperate and soak his aching everything. Nine teams left. Who will be eliminated... tonight?

Credits. Why does it look wrong to have John Vito pushing Jill in a swing? She's more a "demonstrating gun safety" kind of girl, to me. Or maybe breaking tree limbs with her bare hands.

Commercials. I don't know about their sunless tanner, but I will say this: Oil of Olay makes a pretty nifty facial scrub that emits heat when you put it on. They call it "thermal." I think it might actually be radioactive, but damn, it makes your skin feel good. I tend to cajole people into touching my cheek after I use it.

We are in the desert of northern Chile, which Phil calls an "arid panorama." This is their way of telling you that someone at World Race Productions owns a thesaurus. Anyway, we're in the Valley of the Dead, where the most recently dead, of course, were Kevin and Drew. Phil says the "desolate and forbidding landscape" was the pit stop for the leg. Something very strange is going on with Phil's plaid shirt in this sequence. It looks... a little too small for him, and greasy, and while you think those would be good things, he looks like he got it from a scrawny teenage cousin. You would think they could afford clothes for Phil at this point.

11:39 PM. Rob and Amber, who arrived twelve hours ago complete with booty dancing, are now getting ready to leave. She's sporting the dorky headlamp as they read a clue sending them to the town of San Pedro de Atacama, where there's a church also called San Pedro de Atacama (with any luck, they will be better than first-season racers and realize that where the town and the attraction have the same name, the attraction is probably in the town), and that's where the clue is. Rob interviews that he and Amber are trying "new things" and "different angles." And he doesn't just mean camera angles. He says they're not really concerned with other racers; they're focused on themselves. And he doesn't just mean as human beings. Amber has some voiceover snippet in which she says she doesn't care whether other teams like them, and Rob says, "I could [sic] care less," although it's not at all clear what he's even talking about.

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