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What's the matter with Florida?

This is one of those straightforward needle-in-a-haystack Roadblocks that we've seen several times, where there's certainly some skill involved, but there's also a huge amount of luck involved. See: chocolates, scarabs, and -- most tragically -- bales of hay. In this one, someone on the team will hunt through 800 pounds of coffee beans for the single red bean in the bunch. Now, think about 800 pounds of coffee beans. A pound of coffee beans is maybe about the size of a big paperback book. Think about 800 paperback books, and then a stack of little coffee beans filling up that entire space. That will not go easy, necessarily.

Mama Paolo takes the Roadblock for her team. Tammy takes it for the Gaghans. Lauren takes it for the Bransens. Megan takes it for the Linzes. Tricia takes it for the pinks. So now, you've got these five women all hunting through piles of beans. They've been given a sort of a spreader thing, sort of like a rake, and at first, it looks like spreading them out with that will be the best solution -- at least that's how it looks to me. Megan Linz is the first to be shown throwing the beans around with her hands, which struck me as really dangerous, because she was tossing them pretty far afield, and could easily have thrown her one red bean so far that she'd never find it.

Then we see Mama Paolo, who I think has it exactly right in that she spread the beans out, but not too much, and then she got on her hands and knees and got down to paw around in them. Tricia Gadzookski is the first to find her bean, despite being the last of the five to get started. It's not pure skill, you know? You can also see that all she's done when she finds it is make eight single rakes out from the center, which looks like a good approach, but she hasn't hunted through any of them yet. She looked to get very, very lucky indeed. With bean in hand, the pinks get a clue that sends them, as Phil explains, to the town of Jaco to find a surf shop and a guy named Javier, because he is the one with their clue.

Mama Paolo finds her bean next, and I couldn't help but be happy for her, because if it had taken her as long as...well, as long as it's going to take some mamas, she would have had quite the miserable day. That is a level of yelling none of us would have enjoyed. They get their clue and leave. In the car, they are all full of effusive praise for Mama. Somewhat grudgingly, I approve.

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