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What's the matter with Florida?

San Jose, Costa Rica. The Paolos and Linzes get off their bus and go to look for what sounds like it's a public parking area where their vans are hidden. DJ nags Mama Paolo to hurry up as they run for the parking. "I'm comin'," she says, a little whiny from the drive. "So's Christmas," DJ mutters. No! No, I refuse to find him even a little bit funny. I will not! Both of these teams find the parking area and find their cars. They set out to look for the volcano, and the Linzes arrange for a cab driver to lead them there. DJ leans out the window and tells Nick that if the Linzes pay the guy and let them tag along, they'll split the cost. Alliances aren't good for much in this game, but there's an example of good, sensible sharing of the wealth. Cuts everyone's costs, helps you stay in the lead...good plan. Megan tells DJ that, indeed, the guy is going to lead them right to the volcano. See, a lot of times, a stranger who takes you to a volcano is a bad thing, but here, it's a good thing.

When the Gaghans and Weavers arrive, they stay together and don't see anyone around whom they can ask about the location of the parking area. "Carissa? Catch up to Mommy and Daddy, please." "Mom, I have no hands you can hold," Carissa says. Aw. As we see them continue to look, the Bransens and Gadzookskis show up, so that last bus either made substantially better time, the search for the parking took forever, or both. I suspect both. The Godlewskis and Bransens head out, while it looks like the Gaghans and Weavers are still looking. This is also the part where Carissa is seen carrying the world's largest water bottle for no apparent reason. It makes her look positively teeny, because if that were a regular water bottle, she would practically be a Fisher-Price person. Mama Weaver asks God if maybe He can help them find the van. Will He answer? You'll have to wait until after the commercials.

Commercials. If I see one more BP logo, I swear I am going to become a devotee of SuperAmerica.

When we return, the beleaguered Gaghan/Weaver posse is still hunting for the parking, and as they find their way to it, they see the pinks. Ultimately, the Weaver/Gaghan and Bransen/Godlewski groups all meet up at public parking, so they're all taking off at the same time. For obvious reasons, this collision is good news to some and not so good news for others. Also not-so-good news for the Weavers is the fact that this segment requires Mama to drive stick, which she can do, sort of, in that way that means you can do it but there's a lot of jerking and grinding of gears. Hey, I'm talking about driving, so you can get your mind out of the gutter. My favorite part is where the car jolts to a stop, and Rolly mutters, "Brake's working." Man. I'm with Sars. Free Rolly!

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