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What's the matter with Florida?

Anyway, the Paolos are the first to pull the clue that has them drive to the next pit stop. As Phil explains, it's about a 20-mile ride to the town of Quepos, where there's a beach they'll need to get to. Last family to check in may (sniff) be eliminated. The Paolos leave -- notably, with very little idea of where they are in the standings, since nobody was at the Detour with them.

The Bransens return with their relics just as the Godlewskis show up to look for theirs. Wally and the Tonyas take the pit stop clue and go. The pinks pass the exiting Linzes on the way into the jungle. The Linzes leave as well. Now, the Weavers have arrived at the relics. Time is getting compressed, as the pinks return with their relics as the Weavers are leaving. Off the pinks go toward the pit stop in fourth place, assuming they can get into the car without arguing over how to adjust the seats.

And here are the Gaghans, in their car, looking for the Relic option. "Are we allowed to go fast on this road?" Carissa asks. "You can't go too fast," Bill says. "Come on, Dad, is that all you got?" Billy wants to know. As they're approaching, the Weavers are turning in their relics and getting the pit stop clue. The teams actually run into each other out near where the vans are parked, and the chat leaves the Gaghans pretty sure they're in last, but Papa Bill encourages his family not to give up. And as Mama Weaver tries to leave with her Weaverlings, she finds that the car is stuck in the mud. (God: "[Whistles innocently.]") Meanwhile, the Gaghans are making their way across the high bridges. "This is cool," Carissa observes. Unsurprisingly, she declares that it's scary because of how wobbly it is, but openly bounces as hard as possible to make it shake more.

In a quest to make it look like this might be close, the crafty editing team now shows us the Weavers pushing their van out of the mud and having no luck. The Gaghans find and pick up their relics. "How come I got the big one? I want the dog!" Papa teases as they walk out. "Well, I can't carry that!" Carissa says in exaggerated indignation, in reference to the relic her father is carrying that's about twice as tall as she is. This makes her dad laugh. And out in the grass, Mama Weaver has yet another transportation-inspired breakdown (next week: the Weavers freak out on roller skates), talking about how she can't do it, blah blah blah. I wish I believed this was all going to matter.

Commercials. Oh, let's just get on with it.

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