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What's the matter with Florida?

At any rate, the Weavers get to take off next. "Back to the ground!" Tammy says, and she gets back on her hands and knees. On the way to the car, the Weavers talk about wanting to beat the Paolos. Yeah, good luck with that. Meanwhile, Tammy still can't figure out where the bean could be. Carissa picks up on Tammy's fairly offhand remark from earlier and says, "Mom says there's none in her pile!" Bill takes his hands away from his eyes (heh) long enough to say, as calmly has he possibly can, "There is one, Carissa, I promise. Don't get frustrated." Hoo boy. You know I love that little kid, and I still think I might have snapped at her right there. Suddenly, Tammy says, "Ah, I finally found the darn thing!" She gets up and runs over to get their clue. In last place, they head for Jaco. Sigh. "I'm so sorry about that," Tammy says as they climb in the van, and Bill tells her not to worry about it. "You did the best you could," he says. And Carissa says, "Mom, only if it was a two-person Roadblock, I could've helped you!" Aw. Aw!

The Paolos and Bransens arrive close together at Roca Loca. Remember, the Gadzooskis stopped for directions, but we're not sure where the Linzes are. The Bransens are the first to get to the shop, find Javier, and get their clue. It's a Detour, and as Phil and his green shirt explain, the choices are known as Relic and Ripe. In Relic, you go through the jungle on a series of rickety hanging bridges while you look for a set of relics. You find your relics, you bring them back to the archeologist, and you get your clue. In Ripe, you go to a banana plantation where you gather up 15 bushels of bananas and load them on hangers along a set of tracks. Then, you pull the bananas back along a series of pulleys. The Bransens choose the Relic option, while the Paolos choose the Ripe.

Ah, here are the Linzes. They get the Detour clue and they choose Relic.

Elsewhere, the Gaghans find themselves a Fern, whom they bring along in the car. "I am feeling really good about this," says Papa Bill, because...what else is he going to say?

Godlewskis find Javier. Relics for them. In the car, however, they get into a gabble-bickerfest over the driving that Sharon is doing. When Michelle makes one too many smart comments, Sharon decides that Michelle can just do the driving herself if she knows so much, so she actually wastes time right in the heart of the leg piling herself out of the car all snotty so she and Michelle can switch places. What I like even less is that after they make the switch, Sharon sits and pouts, continuing to passive-aggressively suggest that Michelle is doing it wrong, BUT THAT'S FINE, and thus totally getting herself lost to spite her face...or something. There's a lot of this going around on this episode.

The Paolos, temporarily a model of family harmony, are looking for the plantation. They drive up and see that nobody else has, at least up to this point, chosen this Detour option. So that's disorienting in that way nobody likes. When they get back to the loading area and start on the bushels of bananas, they find that a bushel of bananas weighs a honking ton. Mama says that she can't lift them -- and I'll tell you right now, I'm certainly sure I couldn't. The boys can't even lift them alone except to carry them for a couple of feet. Tony, however? Who's been picking stuff up for a living forever? He's fine. It would be interesting to see whether the "Ha, ha, garbage truck!" Weavers could do it. We will, of course, not find out.

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