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What's the matter with Florida?

The pinks are on the road to Jaco. The Paolos are right behind, so Christine looking out the back and DJ looking out the front are communicating that they don't know where they're going, prompting Mama P to tell DJ that maybe he doesn't want to tell everyone their business all the time. DJ tells her that his attitude is to do whatever it takes to get to the final three, and then in the final three, that's when everybody is for himself. Not an entirely bad strategy. More humane than I'd expect from, you know, him. I refuse to like him, though, although there are moments in this episode when I admit I was tempted.

Meanwhile, in the Linz car, the boys are hassling/adoring Megan over her performance with the coffee bean. She gets the news, "You are now an official Linz boy!" "Here are your golden balls!" Tommy offers, to great hilarity in the car. And as fratty as that is, it was a little bit funny, too. Especially since she, who is suddenly a little bit awesome, says very severely, "Twenty-one years, guys. Twenty-one years I was looking forward to getting my balls." I got a little bit fond of them, right there, just because that was so shticky, and when you know you're doing shtick, it's a lot easier to take than when you act like you think it's clever. Besides, if they're going to have this dynamic, I'd rather they make it explicit and give her a role, rather than just not listening to her and making that the only part of it she has anything to do with.

The Yield sand runs out in the Weaver hourglass, so they are into the coffee Roadblock, where Tammy still has no bean. Boo! Rachel goes, starts into her pile of beans, and is ordered by her mother to begin praying. Gross. I'm sure they only want their bean if it's God's will. Boo, boo!

The Gadzookskis pull in somewhere to ask for directions, but DJ keeps driving, figuring it's better to ask for directions after they get into town. The quest for directions isn't so successful anyway, except in that the pinks are told to keep going. Up ahead, Brian is the Paolo to exit the car and walk up to a guy who looks like he's been drinking straight Cuervo for about a hundred years. He asks the guy if he knows where the Roca Loca surf shop might be. The guy, whose accent is vaguely from the southern part of the U.S., tells Brian that this way [thumb over shoulder] is the "main drag." DJ starts to hassle Brian from the car that if it's going to take this long, they have to get moving. Brian keeps asking long enough to find out how far the main drag is. "Maybe dos kilometers," the guy finally drawls after a long delay. At least we know he's been drinking Cuervo long enough to acclimate himself to the metric system. Brian returns to the car.

You will not be surprised to hear that by pushing the beans around very briefly with her spreader, Rachel finds her red bean. So however Tammy can be faulted for not looking on her hands and knees, of the other five teams, two found it while pushing with the spreader and three found it on their hands and knees, and the two who found it with the spreader were the ones who looked like they found it almost right away. I'm sure Tammy missed the bean once or twice, but there's just an enormous amount of luck involved with this task, too, never know. You can see that Tammy has her entire stack spread out in a thin layer, so it's not like she wasn't thorough. She got the butt end of this Roadblock, as somebody pretty much always does.

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