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What's the matter with Florida?

Tammy and Lauren are still looking. Tammy's got the spreader, Lauren's on her hands and knees. Lauren finds the bean. Ack! She gets up and runs. It's not that I dislike Wally and the Tonyas, but...yikes. The Bransens leave. Over to the side, Bill and Billy have a discussion while watching Tammy. "Oh, this is so frustrating," Papa says. "It is," Billy agrees. "And you can't do anything to help, either. Yelling doesn't help her," Papa goes on. "Maybe...maybe it makes it worse," Billy offers, deep in thought. Papa agrees that he thinks it does make it worse. "Just stay what you're doin'," Papa says to Mama. "You can dooo eeet," Billy yells, in a voice people associated with lots of different things (so don't email me!), but I associated with the guy on the Gazelle exercise machine thingy who appears on that Geico commercial. I'm pretty sure it's not that, but it reminded me of that.

As the Bransens run by and try to say something encouraging, Mama Weaver talks loudly over them, insisting that no, everyone's "ganging up." She is not helping. Wally doesn't give up. "You'll pick it up," he encourages. "Yeah, it's not you," Mama mutters dismissively. Now, as far as we've seen, the Bransens have not done one thing to them. Their problems have been with the Paolos and Linzes. Wally has enough problems being ostracized by his own family without being ostracized by these people. Being rude to everyone else is only going to isolate the Weavers more. Mama talks about how this may be the end for them. Oh, I wish, I so wish.

Commercials. Zathura. Learn it, live it, develop the ability to pronounce it.

Back at the Yield, the Weavers are still bitching. Mama explains that they're "responsible to a higher authority." (God: "[Looking around.] Me? Oh, don't bring me into this. I made garbage, too, you know. And garbage trucks. All of those are My work. And breasts, both real and fake. And babies. Your God is an awesome God.")

Tammy still...can't...find...the...bean. "Hope she knows what the color red is," Billy mutters, venting his frustration only to his father. "I don't think I have a red bean in here!" Tammy says, more in surprise than in anger. Carissa updates her dad that a team is waiting at the Yield mat. Billy looks out and regards his mother and, more for the camera than for her, because he's got a giant streak of ham in him, says, "Come on,'re under aaaabsolutely no pressure." Snerk.

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