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What's the matter with Florida?

Just then, the Weavers show up at the coffee plantation and make their way to the Yield sign. They see that their picture is plastered up there -- they have been Yielded. In some extremely unbecoming footage, the girls point and giggle at the fact that on their picture, the Paolos are in front of a garbage truck. I certainly hope the Weaver girls never produce any trash that's hauled away by others, because acting like garbage trucks are beneath you when they're all that stands between you and a house filled with your stinking filth would be rather unpleasantly hypocritical. It's like...yeah, the guy who put in your toilet is low for putting in toilets, but you're a queen for pooping in it, you know? They don't stop at the garbage truck, surprisingly enough. Rolly calls one of the Paolos a "retard," and then Rachel punches the's lovely, really. ["Oh, Rolly. After I defended you?" -- Sars]

Tammy, apparently trying to work with the spreader -- in fairness, that's how Tricia Godlewski found hers in thirty seconds, so I'm not sure I blame her -- is still hunting for her bean. Megan, on her hands and knees, finds hers. The Linzes get the Jaco clue, with all Megan's brothers excitedly congratulating her.

The Weavers are still being very ugly, as the girls pull out a picture of the pinks and say, "I hope those boobs cost a lot!" Not only does their mother not tell them to shut the hell up because the family is in public, among other things, but she joins in. "Since you never wear a bra!" You know, I really hate all the nonsense about who wears what and whose shorts are shorter than whose, but similar to what I said before, if I were going to make comments about women who don't wear bras and whether they're underdressed in some way as a result, I might consider what my own daughters are wearing. It's like...the boobs on the pinks are the speck, and the shorts on the Weaver girls are the plank, you know? I don't particularly have an issue with what any of them are wearing, but they're not dressed for church; why does everybody else have to be? Oh, and Rolly calls Brian Paolo -- the one who doesn't suck -- a "retard" again. Again, his mother does not tell him to shut it. An incredibly weird lady. Apparently, offering "batta-batta-batta" instead of being encouraging is bad. "RETARD!" on the other hand, is perfectly fine. All righty, then. I'd better make a note, because believe me, I will never remember that.

For some reason, as the Linzes pass, the Weavers decide they're going to stick it to everybody else by...singing, which just makes them look stupid. I have no idea what about this they think is going to be effective. It is, however, very Waffle-House-parking-lot, which I wouldn't keep bringing up if they wouldn't keep repeating the behavior. What about this hoedown dance that appears to be the only one Rebecca knows is supposed to make other people think she's feeling carefree? I mean, they're not going to fool anyone into thinking they're fine, because everybody already knows this is the particular variety of weird they are, that they'd react this way if frustrated. Megan calls back over her shoulder, "Good luck; it's hard as hell." "Yeah, right," Mama says, setting the same good example as always. What? Megan hasn't done anything to them. What ever happened to cheek-turning? Can't we assume that you could share a friendly moment even if at other times, you've had friction? Yeesh. Mama and the girls agree that everyone is "ganged up" on them. Wonder why that might happen.

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