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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

And here are Gus and Hera, in fifth place. When they see the "Olympic feat" part, they decide that Hera had better do it. And, of course, Gus wouldn't have been crazy about the climb to the top, considering what a time he had climbing up to the waterfall last week. Right behind them is Nuance, and to her credit, Kendra takes it. Hera ziplines. Kendra ziplines, screaming the whole time, to the chuckles of her boyfriend. These teams leave.

Kristy and Lena's Fern brings them directly to the Viking Village. They thank him profusely and give him lots of hugs, and then they part. My question is this: how is Fern getting home? He's stuck out at the Viking Village, he's got no ride. Are we abandoning poor Fern to the tender mercies of a bunch of imaginary Vikings? Because that seems kind of sad, really. He's going to wind up hanging out in the gift shop, poring over model ships and waiting for his dad to pick him up. Having abandoned their Scandinavian savior, the girls run to the clue box. The clue explains that tomorrow morning at 7:00, the teams will divide into two groups of five teams and row two Viking boats across a fjord to a dock, where they'll get a new clue. Kris and Jon pull up to the Viking Village just behind the girls, so those teams are the first two to settle in.

Hayden and Aaron, for whom things went so well last week, are currently lost. Maybe it's her personality.

Spazpants, on the other hand, is arriving at the ski jump. "I guess it's me," Jonathan says in mock dismay, in fact relishing the opportunity to do something he thinks will seem flashy. When Don and MJ get there next and read the clue, he immediately says he'll do it and runs off, as she calls after him. She interviews that she was mad, because they had an agreement in advance that she would do the ones that had heights, because they didn't require so much physical strength, so she feels grumpy about his having taken it without a discussion. When he gets to the top of the stairs, Don tells the attendant that he was here when he was 17 years old -- 52 years ago. He says the stairs were easier then. Heh. And then we see that for some reason, Jonathan has...taken his shirt off to do the zipline. It occurs to me to wonder why, but I have realized that everything he does can just be explained with the addition of the introductory words, "In order to increase his camera time...." And that is no exception. It apparently doesn't occur to him that the camera might not want to linger on his dorkified form. Don and Jonathan zip in tandem, and when they get to the bottom, they read their clues and leave. Running away, MJ mentions their agreement, and Don says, "The climb up there was a killer." "I can climb," she snaps back. Heh.

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