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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

6:34 AM. Meredith and Maria. Meredith tells us as they run to their SUV that Maria is a great person to be on the race with. In the car, Meredith informs Maria that "the men in Oslo are very handsome." She needs to come to Minnesota, where it's basically the same guys, except that they're more into English and Prince. Maria says that they "keep a positive attitude," no matter the circumstances.

6:38 AM. Don and MJ. In an interview that looks like it took place back at their place before they left, MJ says that Don believes himself to be in charge of everything, but that she knows better. She assures us that she has put him on notice. Yeah, I've heard that one before.

6:56 AM. Gus and Hera. Gus says that he and Hera have "baggage" regarding their relationship, which they're still carrying. Specifically, they're both stubborn and want to be in charge. And when she doesn't give in, Gus uses mind-control techniques he learned in various foreign countries. No, not really. Although wouldn't that be cool? Mind-control devices for children are so the next wave.

As Kristy and Lena drive, Lena asks Kristy who's behind them. "I think it might be Botox," Kristy replies, and we peek to see that it is Jonathan and Victoria. Heh heh. I don't even know which one of them "Botox" refers to. They both have creepy faces. Jonathan and Victoria stop and turn around, and Kristy and Lena note that Spazpants apparently has no idea where it's going. Bolo and Lori, too, make note of the Spazpants meandering as they fly by. "I'm glad I don't got to look at that goofy face anywhere," Lori says, after again disdainfully referencing Jonathan's blue hair -- out loud, rather than mentally, like the rest of us. Yeah, when the wrestlers call you "goofy," it might be time to change salons.

Hayden and Aaron are approaching the airport, but it looks like they perhaps miss the turn on the first try. Thus, the first team we see entering the airport is Kris and Jon, followed closely by Kristy and Lena. And then, eventually, Hayden and Aaron run in. These teams cluster at the Iceland Air counter, looking for tickets to Oslo. Other teams pile in. As it turns out, the flight will leave for Copenhagen at 1:15. Presumably, they have a connection there, since they are probably not expected to walk from Copenhagen to Oslo. Kristy tells the camera that there seem to be a lot of seats available on the flight at this point, so she suspects that the teams will wind up on the same flight out. It seems like sound thinking, especially since it's not like they're going to miss the flight, since it doesn't leave for hours. I am not in favor of the cap Kristy is wearing, by the way. It looks like a distant relative of the white Esprit paint-splatter pants that were all the rage when I was in eighth grade.

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