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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

Hornio pulls up and lands on the mat. Rebecca is laughing hysterically as usual, although she doesn't get to cackle in anyone's face this time, which I'm sure is quite a disappointment. Phil checks them in sixth, as Nuance looks on unhappily. And then Don and MJ show up and are checked in. Kendra sniffles in Freddy's lap, wondering whether she's about to get penaliminated. Meredith and Maria finally finish the archery and get going.

Lena and Kristy, who did not do well with this drive at all, explain in their car that they're certainly hoping some other people screwed up, because they know they've bled a lot of time trying to get to the pit stop.

Nuance continues to wait out their penalty, as she sits with his arms around her. I know she's sad, so I'm trying not to spend this time mooning over her boyfriend. Because...that's mean.

Meredith and Maria drive for the pit stop. Lena and Kristy drive. While they're still driving, Freddy and Kendra are allowed onto the mat, and Phil checks them in. Now, they are welcomed as team number eight. They share a smooch and a smile, and they agree that still being in it is all that matters. I certainly hope they will not be repeating that kind of bonehead maneuver.

At the mat, Phil and the greeter await the last team to arrive safely. He stares off into space. We get the anticipatory who-will-arrive shot. Time. Passes. Slowly. And arriving are...Lena and Kristy! Yay, that made me happy. They check in ninth and hug. I really like the fact that, in spite of having really different personalities (apparently), Lena and Kristy like each other a lot. They're Bald-Snarky in that way. I dig them. That makes a solid five or six teams out of nine who are still in it who I basically like (depending on whether I count Lori and Bolo), one (Hayden and Aaron) that the jury is still out on, and only two I don't like. That's not a bad set of odds for this point in the race, really. How I do wish they hadn't cast Spazpants, because it's a blot on the season, which is otherwise off to a damn good start.

Anyway, arriving just in time for their Philimination, here come Meredith and Maria. They are unsurprised to be told that they are last, and they are booted. They hug, and they interview about how much they dig each other, and how they're best friends. I think they had a pretty good time, and that's nice.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: Not everything at Ikea is simple. And it looks like Jonathan is warming up to elbow his wife in the eye, so that'll be a hoot.

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