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Commercials. I can't believe anyone has acid reflux disease anymore, considering all the products available to treat it.

When we return, Hornio is still looking for its car. In the Don/MJ car, Don is saying, "We've got to go back." "No, we don't!" she says. Wow, naughty. Quite correctly, Don points out that they have to go back, because even if they didn't have someone else's car, they would have someone else's bags, and to keep on to the pit stop would be "stealing." As soon as they get back to the pit stop, Hornio immediately spots the car and recognizes it as theirs. Don and MJ jump out, Rebecca and El Hornio jump in. There's a great madcap movie in there, where some old couple runs off with your car and you have to chase them all over the country, from one senior citizen center to another. I would call it Early Bird Special. Who's with me?

It's raining as Maria continues to work on the archery. Ain't no sunshine when she's on.

Lori and Bolo hop out of their SUV and ask for directions. Hayden and Aaron, meanwhile, land on the mat as team number four, and Lori and Bolo are team number five. Lena and Kristy are working on finding their way there, but they appear to be fairly thoroughly lost. So much for cooperation. Maybe if they argued more.

And now, Nuance arrives at the mat. Phil tells them that they're the sixth team to arrive, but he also says that they have broken a race rule. Their faces fall. You see, you're not allowed to just take multiple clues if you lose yours, and after being subjected to the Boat of No Clue, that's exactly what they did. For that, they're being penalized half an hour. So they have to step off the mat and wait half an hour before they can be checked in. ["Bullshit. That penalty is not enough. If a team were to do the same thing and take an extra clue so that another team didn't get one, affecting game play as did not happen this time, would the penalty be only half an hour? Sometimes that might be worth risking. The penalty should have been at least an hour." -- Wing Chun] Once they're over in their waiting area, Kendra asks Freddy if he thinks that, in thirty minutes, four more teams will all arrive. "It's very possible, yes," he says sadly. Yeah, that's a pretty boneheaded screw-up. That would be a bad way to go out.

In the Don and MJ car, she's apologizing for yelling -- probably while they were switching the cars, but also in general. She tells Don how much she loves him, but he really doesn't seem all that concerned about it. He strikes me as one of those husbands where she apologizes for the fact that there's been so much tension between them, and he's like, "Uh, tension?" It's the up side of guys who don't notice any of their own emotions -- sometimes, they miss the part where they're mad at you.

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