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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

Spazpants is first to finish the archery and move on, of course, because the fates are not merciful today. Lena and Kristy finish skiing, and in fourth place, they move out. Bolo and Lori are done, too, and they're on the move. Still skiing in the pouring rain are Hayden and Aaron, officially in Dante's Detour Hell. They finally finish, and they move out, actually only in sixth place, so it wasn't that much of a disaster.

An SUV pulls up to the pit stop. A cow raises its head, like, "Who's driving on the grass now?" Phil and a blonde greeter look on as...Kris and Jon run toward them. Aw, yay! They land on the mat. Welcome, nice people, you are team number one. They high five, and then Phil gives them a seven-night cruise in Alaska. I totally want to go. Let's play shuffleboard!

It is sunny again when MJ finishes the archery. The weather is very mercurial in this episode. She and Don leave in seventh. Finally, Meredith and Maria complete the outer ring of the pegs, leaving only the king. This is the cause for great rejoicing, as it appears that they may someday finish this leg. Spazpants and Gus and Hera are arriving at the pit stop. They drive in together, so unsurprisingly, Spazpants is in the lead arriving at the pit stop, as they are able to narrowly defeat Gus and Hera in a footrace. They run up to Phil, who does not look excited to see them. He announces that they are team number two. Gus and Hera are team number three -- good for them. "That's good," Gus says. "That's real good," Phil says happily. I think Phil likes them. At least they don't hug him.

Kendra hits the target and they leave. I still like them. Lena and Kristy, meanwhile, appear rather lost. Meredith and Maria finally finish the pegs. Hornio skis, with Rebecca encouraging him and saying that they're in a neck-and-neck race. In a nice piece of editing, Meredith throws the axe and we watch her look around cautiously to see if it counts. Told that it does, she happily runs with Maria toward the archery, and it's only as they pass the axe target that we see the axe -- barely in the stump, with one corner in the wood, but with the thing mostly just resting with the bottom of the blade on the top of the target. They barely even injured that target.

Hornio finishes the skiing, with Rebecca hollers encouragement and they run for their car. Which...they can't find. "This isn't our car!" Rebecca hollers. And a great cut takes you straight to Don and MJ, who are in transit when MJ says, shocked, "This isn't our car." And back at the Detour, Hornio continues searching in vain for their car, unable to figure out what's gone wrong. It's one thing to lose sunglasses, but El Hornio's pretty sure that he didn't leave the car anywhere particularly suspicious.

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