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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

Kris and Jon polish off the pegs. Gus and Hera are doing the axe, and she's the one throwing it. When her first attempt fails, Gus tells her to hold it in both hands over her head and throw it that way. We get a glimpse of an interview in which she admits that from time to time, her father does know what he's talking about. Yeah, I hate that, too. And then she takes the axe in both hands, raises it over her head, and throws it. And indeed, it buries itself in the stump. Elsewhere, Spazpants finishes the pegs. Hornio actually quits Accuracy and completes the rare Detour Double-Bald-Snark, heading back to the skis. The rain continues as Kris buries the axe in the target. And then Gus hits the target with an arrow, and Gus and Hera are in first place heading out of the Detour. And good for them. The clue tells them that it's time to drive to the pit stop at Nesheimstunet. It's a 1,000-year-old "traditional farm," and the last team to check in "may be eliminated." Gus and Hera take off. Jon hits the arrow target, and they're out of there in second place. In the car, he and Kris are smiling and laughing, apparently just generally having such a good time that it doesn't occur to them to fight. I'd point out that they're in just as good spirits as before, despite the fact that they suffered from at least some significant navigational problems on the way to the Viking Village.

Elsewhere, Hayden glides on her skis into a bale of hay. Aaron, behind her, is doing even worse. "Honey, I'm so sorry," she says. "Please find the humor in this." And with perfect comic timing, he responds to this comment by slamming himself into the short stone wall, bouncing off it with...his head, pretty much. Hayden apologizes again, because interestingly enough, Aaron is not seeing the humor right at this moment.

Don and MJ finish the pegs, and he says he'll do the axe and she can do the bow and arrow. Nuance finishes the pegs.

Kristy and Lena and Bolo and Lori are skiing in the rain. Spazpants moves to the bow and arrow after Jonathan hits the target with the axe. Freddy hits with the axe also. MJ and Don note that they're not in last place, because Meredith and Maria are still on the pegs. So at least those two teams were on the course at the same time.

Gus and Hera stop for directions to the pit stop. Kris and Jon, on the other hand, seem to know the route without getting help, which keeps them rolling.

Don hits with the axe, but he's not too thrilled about it. "The axe sucks," he declares. Hee. Kendra and MJ work on the bow and arrow, as does Victoria. "I'm not good at this," Victoria says. "You should have had me do the other thing," she snots. Right. It's a dictatorship failure. Freddy encourages Kendra, but she turns and says, "Leave me alone, please." Heh. Yeah. MJ, meanwhile, is reminding Don that she tried archery in her youth. "I did an entire semester of college. I never hit the bale," she says. "How many times have I told you that story?" What I love is that Don is keeping up a constant, "I'm sorrysorrysorry" through this, so I suspect she's right. Don interviews that their great mistake was forgetting that MJ couldn't shoot a bow and arrow. "Wait, who made the great mistake?" she asks in the interview. He pauses. "I did," he says, and she grins. They are cute.

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