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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

Anyway, Spazpants starts with the peg game, the trick of which is that you have to hit all the outside ones and avoid the middle one until last. Victoria manages to hit an outside one, and is very happy. Until Jonathan knocks over the "king," which is the middle one. You can imagine the hissyfit that would have ensued on his part if the situations had been reversed, but she only jumps up and down. "Sorry, babe," he tosses off. Nothing like having a guy conking you with the trunk and calling you "babe." Gus and Hera are doing the pegs as well.

Over at the skis, Kris is nervous, pointing out that she's only skied twice in her entire life. "Do you want to go Accuracy?" he asks her. "Yeah," she says, and they switch. Nuance is having the same thought. "Let's do Accuracy, screw this," Freddy says. I have a feeling that when they saw the first couple of teams take off, some of the more deliberate teams had second thoughts about how long that might take them. Nuance does not, however, enjoy the pegs either when they get going. "Did they actually play this in ancient times?" Freddy asks. "'Cause this is the biggest waste of time I've ever seen." Clearly, he has never tried macramé. Kris and Jon and Don and MJ are not enjoying the pegs in the early going either.

Lori and Bolo are skiing, and she's having no fun. Lori racks herself. No pun intended. Bolo interviews that he was really trying not to laugh, but that it was pretty funny seeing Lori all over the place like that. In the interview, Lori does a fakey-fake laugh for the camera, and then snaps her face to dead seriousness, all, "Ha ha, not," which is kind of funny.

Much less amused by the skiing? Aaron. Who is complaining and complaining to the point where I think he's actually interfering with his own ability to get the hang of it. He also seems like he has a really high center of gravity -- is it the pecs? -- and finds this unduly difficult. In other developments, Kristy falls on her ass. Aaron keeps calling out that he wants to switch, and that "this is not safe." Hayden urges him to keep going. He falls. Hornio observes, and when Rebecca notices how Aaron is struggling, they ditch and head for Accuracy. Aaron falls again. This time, he just lies on the ground, defeated.

Commercials. The replacement of the iconic Gap Holiday ads with iconic Old Navy fleece ads at Christmas time is perhaps one of the most depressing advertising-related developments ever.

When we return, Aaron is dragging himself to his feet. Meredith and Maria head for Accuracy, though it's very hard to tell just how far behind they are. Gus and Hera are peg-throwing, and in fact, they are the first to finish the pegs. The skiers are making their way down the hill, and both Kristy/Lena and Bolo/Lori seem to be figuring out how to do it well enough to stay on their feet.

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