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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

The train mercifully arrives, and the teams climb aboard. Rebecca explains that El Hornio was really sorry, and that she could tell, because when he's sorry, "his whole demeanor changes." She says he's always "very caring and loving, and very remorseful." Just a hint -- "remorse" is an actual feeling, not a behavior. And if you genuinely feel remorse, one good piece of evidence is that you no longer do whatever it was for which you felt remorseful. Meaning that people who are repeatedly remorseful for the same kind of incident are not, in fact, actually remorseful, almost by definition. Just saying. They laugh happily on the train, because hey, they're a good five minutes removed from his threat to commit suicide if she didn't forgive him, so that's all water under the bridge, right?

The train arrives in Voss, and the first team off is Kris and Jon. Everyone else follows. The teams get on their way, except that Meredith and Maria are confronted with yet another manual transmission, and yet again, Maria takes a few minutes getting on the...stick. They finally get going.

A gaggle of teams arrive at the clue box at the bridge. When they rip the clue, they're confronted with a Detour. Pros. Cons. Phil takes a stroll while telling us that the choices in this particular Detour are Endurance and Accuracy. Endurance involves roller-skiing for nearly two miles, while Accuracy involves three Viking "games," beginning with a peg-tossing thing, and then an axe throw and a bow and arrow. Those last two have to be divided, in the new division of labor approach of the show, between the two team members. It's not immediately obvious which of these is better, which is, again, a nice change from some Detours past.

Lena and Kristy go for Endurance. Bolo initially suggests Accuracy. "But Accuracy is, you gotta be accurate," Lori cautions. "Okay," Bolo says. Heh. It's good he has her there to clear stuff up. Nuance heads for the roller skis, as does Hornio. Hayden talks Aaron into Endurance, and Bolo and Lori and Kris and Jon go that way as well. Gus and Hera, on the other hand, choose Accuracy. I'm really sad that we missed the opportunity to see Gus on roller skis. Because...awesome. Jonathan is running toward the Accuracy, as Victoria calls out, "It's archery and stuff, are you good at that?" "Who cares? Let's try it!" he calls back. Wait..."Who cares"? I wonder if he knows that you're allowed to try to predict your proficiency at the two Detour options before you choose which one you're going to do. Just a little trick some teams have tried.

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