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I'm Not His Wife — He Doesn't Need To Scream At Me

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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

The horn blows and the boats leave. From the beginning, the Boat of Clue is rowing in relatively good rhythm. The Boat of No Clue, on the other hand, is, as Don voices over, "the worst rowing crew in the history of rowing." Hee hee. Indeed, they have no coordination whatsoever. Meredith tells us that Jonathan was yelling at her, and that she was already feeling fairly emotional, so this was no help. The Boat of Clue quickly reaches the other side, and the teams jump out with their bags. Kris happily interviews that they basically smoked the other teams in the boat. As Phil explains, the clue they pick up tells them to drive to the Honefoss train station, and then take a train about 200 miles to Voss. There, they'll take a five-mile drive to a marked bridge and pick up another clue. Someone yells out that they should all leave together, but it's not particularly clear whether anyone pays any attention. At any rate, all five of the Boat of Clue teams are soon on their way. It's good, not sucking.

The Boat of No Clue is still struggling, its crew under the haranguing tongue of Jonathan. As they get out of the boat, Jonathan says, "Freddy, if you grab everything to me, I'll take everything off." "Get your own damn shit, man," Freddy says as he hops off the boat. Snerk. I think Nuance was more unhappy than anyone about being stuck on that boat, and I don't think there's anyone who was enjoying Jonathan's performance. Unfortunately, the Nuance situation deteriorates as they reach their SUV and find that they don't have their clue. They have the envelope, but not the actual clue. The camera guy, who is your friend, knows right where it is, and shows you the clue sitting on the ground, where it has fallen out. Freddy, however, says they'll just go back to the box and get another clue. Dude. You can't do that. But do it he does, and the Rattlesnake of Fucking Up sounds in the background as they make the illicit grab. Once they're going, Kendra grouses to him that they were lacking "spirit" in the boat. Apparently, their plan to make up for it with volume didn't work too well. Freddy agrees about the lack of spirit. They're also unhappy about the fact that Jonathan upset Meredith. Indeed, in her car with Maria, Meredith is still a little shaky as she explains that she really didn't appreciate being hollered at. "I'm not his wife, he doesn't have to scream at me," she says. And that's pretty goddamn sad if you think about it, isn't it? Meredith pulls it together and does the map check. Now, Jonathan is ruining other people's good time. Prick.

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