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A Few Leaders And A Bunch Of Oslo-Rans

Don and MJ are at the Viking Village, fourth to arrive. Good show, you two. Basically, what has happened here is that apparently either several of the teams -- Kris and Jon, Lori and Bolo, Nuance, Hornio, and Gus and Hera -- have gotten badly lost, or Spazpants and Don and MJ, who were bunched at the Roadblock, found a better route than everyone else.

Back at the ski jump, Hayden and Aaron are ready to go, having dropped to ninth place based on a bad job driving in from the airport. Aaron takes the Roadblock and takes off at a full-on sprint toward the stairs. Hayden interviews, as Aaron zips, that she's frustrated by their loss of ground, and that she's sure they can work through the situation, "as long as [they're] not last." She's getting the hang of it.

Now arriving at the Viking Village are Lori and Bolo and Hornio, followed by Gus and Hera and Nuance. Still missing in action? Kris and Jon, who apparently biffed the trip to the village but good.

And pulling into the ski jump in last place are Meredith and Maria, finally overcoming their manual transmission tragedies. They already look rather resigned, though, as Maria decides to take the Roadblock. Meredith sniffles to the camera, as Maria prepares to go, that Maria deserves to have fun at the end of this, because she worked so well and so valiantly in the car. "She's a good...good teammate," Meredith says. I like them. I wish they were competent. Maria is completely adorable as she sets off on the zipline, making a face that reminds me very much of Sports Car Emily. Oh, Emily, I miss you. Maria screams all the way down, doing much of it with her eyes closed, and the swelling Music of Triumph is poorly chosen, because it made me look at the clock thinking, "Wait, are they eliminated already?" This is the part where you expect to hear them saying, "We had a great time; I loved doing it with my best friend," blah dee blah. But they're still on a high as they drive out of the parking lot, Maria apparently having figured out how to start the car at last.

Hayden and Aaron arrive at the Viking Village, followed finally by Meredith and Maria, who get there when, if I'm not mistaken, it is already getting to be light.

The next morning, the teams gather at the dock to get into the Viking boats. Bolo explains that on his boat -- which we may know as the Boat of Clue -- are himself and Lori, Hornio, Hayden and Aaron, Kris and Jon, and Kristy and Lena. Hera explains that on her boat -- the Boat of No Clue -- there are her and her dad, Spazpants, Meredith and Maria, Freddy and Kendra, and Don and MJ. Bolo can't help noticing that most of the stronger folks are in the boat with him. As the boat is getting ready to leave, Rebecca -- who seems to have a real issue with El Hornio's sunglasses -- urges him to take them off so that he can "see better." I'm not sure rowing a boat is the kind of task for which it's important to see as well as possible, reason to nitpick. At first, El Hornio tells her to "shut up," but then the funny editors go to a slo-mo shot in which you can see that he surreptitiously slips off the shades and drops them into the bottom of the boat.

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