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Back in Sydney, the Teeth are waiting for the news on whether they're going to get seats on the 8:10 flight. Just when it looks like they won't, they do, so they're bunched with Taraweasel and Thunk. Meanwhile, Cha-Cha-Cha is already landing in Adelaide, hoping that they can keep their lead by catching a charter fairly soon. Sigh, not.

Chris and Alex find their way to the South Australian Visitor and Travel Centre, where they ask for some info about where they're going. "Okay, no worries," the cute blonde working the counter says to them. "She's a little hottie," Chris comments while she's off looking for a map for them. (I'm supposed to be officially offended by that, right? I'll work on it.) When she gets back, Alex offers her a chance to try his glasses on, and she declines. "You don't think I'm funny at all, do you?" he asks with a grin. You know, somewhere along the line, these guys have flipped some kind of a switch, because I suddenly find this whole frat-boy come-on thing much funnier and less off-putting than I used to. Maybe it's all relative, and as I run out of teams I like, I become more desperate in the search for alternatives, but I think that at this point, if Danny and Oswald can't win, I'm going to have to go with Boston. There, I said it.

Speaking of Cha-Cha-Cha, they arrive at the cha-cha-charter terminal and get the news that they aren't leaving until 1:00 PM. They're on the same plane as Boston. Meanwhile, back at the Adelaide airport, Tara and Wil are running, and Thunk and the Teeth are right behind them. The teams now take very different approaches to finding the National Jet Systems terminal. Tara asks at the Qantas counter, and holds Wil back when he starts in about what a hurry they're in to get to Coober Pedy -- once again, no one cares, Wil. Tara correctly points out that right now, all they need is the right terminal. Gary and Dave seek help from an information guy, who tells them they can just call up NJS and ask where the terminal is. Blake and Paige just sort of start to wander around looking for it. Wil tries to tell the Qantas guy what a hurry they're in. Down, Wil! Tara tells him to shut up. Gary and Dave are told that they'll need to go to the NJS terminal to find out what the story is. The Teeth grab a cab. Gary doesn't want to listen to the guy who's trying to help him, and he just keeps telling the guy to point him to the NJS terminal. I think that's what the guy is trying to do, not that Gary is listening.

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