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The Teeth finish up at the bridge, and Paige voices over that they just needed to try not to make any mistakes, and not to worry about the fact that they're in last place. Meanwhile, Tara and Wil get a taxi, and Wil rather dimly tries to tell the driver about Coober Pedy, which is of course completely irrelevant at this point. It's like telling the lady who sells you a plane ticket the address of the house you're staying at on the other end -- doesn't care, doesn't need to know. "No, no, no, we need to get to the airport," Tara points out, "to go to Adelaide." Right on, Bony. In case you haven't noticed, Wil is getting really fuzzy-headed as he becomes more and more exhausted. In the cab, Tara praises him for having climbed the bridge in spite of his crippling fear of heights, and he beams some more, much as he did back at the hotel when she laughed at his joke. This is so weird -- if he likes her this much, why is he so damn mean? God, men are mystifying.

Cha-Cha-Cha gets to the airport, goes right to good old gate seventeen, and makes the 7:10 AM flight. Thunk gets to the Sydney airport next, and the agent tells them that the next flight to Adelaide is at 8:10 AM. As Tara and Wil bail out of their cab, he runs immediately inside, but she does take a second to call over her shoulder to the driver, "Thank you!" Sigh. I honestly think if she were playing with somebody else, Tara would probably be okay with me. I think Dave and Tara should have left Gary and Wil at home. This race would look completely different if they had. At any rate, they land the 8:10 AM flight as well. When the Teeth show up, however, their luck has temporarily run out yet again, because they can only get standby for the 8:10 flight. Blake gets on the phone and tries to find out whether they can get to Adelaide on any other flight, but they seem to be fresh out of miracles. They despair.

Commercials. You know, if there's anything on TV right now that's funnier than when that Saturn lady tells the guy he has corn in his goatee, I haven't seen it.

Boston's flight lands in Adelaide at 7:25 AM. The next step is to get to the National Jet Systems terminal to catch the charter. It's interesting that Chris and Alex won the FF, but they still have to wait for one of these charters, which shaves a considerable chunk of time off the lead they would otherwise have had. Something about it doesn't seem entirely fair, but I guess it's just another miscellaneous bump in the road. The charters, as Phil explains, leave only fifteen minutes apart, and each can hold up to two teams. Unfortunately, the first one doesn't leave until 1:00 PM, so presumably everybody else is going to catch Boston at this point. Of course, they won't have to do the rest of the outback tasks, but still...I'm sure this was disappointing. Alex is thinking smart, though, and since they have several hours before their plane leaves, he takes Chris to get tourist information about Coober Pedy. I'm telling you, these guys race more like Esquire and Danza and our other past successful teams every day.

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