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Danny and Oswald get across the bridge and are handed a clue wrapped in rain-resistant plastic, which tells them to go to Coober Pedy to "the metal tree." Phil gives the additional detail that they have to fly to Adelaide, where they will pick up one of three charter flights to Coober Pedy. There, they'll grab an SUV and drive to a rather barren-looking...well, metal tree. You'll know the metal tree when you see it, because it's located next to The Big Winch, which Phil tells us is a "local landmark." I originally thought he said "Big Witch," which I think would make a funnier local landmark, with the pointy hat and the broomstick and everything. A lot more people would go to see that than to see a winch, am I right?

The Teeth take to the bridge. Gary and Dave get the metal tree clue.

At the Melbourne airport, Chris and Alex have just scored their flight to Adelaide. Chris: "I think we're going to the outback, do a little hangin' out, do a little dancin' around fires..." He now does his rather brilliant didgeridoo imitation, and says he "always wanted to play that instrument...I was a tuba man myself." Stop it, Chris! Stop it, stop it, stop it! Enough with the cute, already. Like I don't despise myself enough as it is. Anyway, they get a 6:10 AM flight from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Cha-Cha-Cha heads from the bridge to the airport. In their cab, Oswald says, "You wouldn't happen to have a cell phone with you, would you?" The cabbie hands it over. Ah, the kindness of strangers. "Thank you very much," Ozzie says.

Taraweasel climbing the bridge. Wil comments that conquering his fear of heights was "a great experience, looking out and seeing the opera house," which is very humorously juxtaposed with a shot of him walking resolutely up the stairs, most definitely not taking his eyes off the stairs to look out at the scenery, including the opera house, lest he suddenly start thinking about falling to his death or dangling from the bridge by his safety harness or something of that sort. My love affair with the funny, funny editors continues.

In the Cha-Cab, Oswald tries to arrange a flight to Adelaide, starting out with, "Yes, hello, good morning," just as he always does. Not only does he get the flight arranged, but he finds out exactly what gate they're departing from once they make their way to the airport. They've arranged a 7:10 AM flight, but they need to speed along the taxi in order to make it. They're fairly sheepish about asking the driver to hurry up, which is quite a contrast from the teams that have been screaming at their drivers incessantly for seven or eight episodes. Gary and Dave grab a cab for the airport as well.

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