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Wil and Tara sign in at BridgeClimb, and then they go hunting for a hotel. Thunk, taking a walk in the city, mentions that since they have a few hours to kill, they thought they'd explore the wonderful world of panhandling. No, really. It's funny, but when Blake and Paige lost all their money in the second leg, it didn't seem like a horribly big deal for them to do a little emergency begging, because they appeared to have genuinely no choice. Having said that, I'd hate to see this become a routine way that teams cope with limited funds. In a crisis situation, it doesn't bother me so much, does strike me as a bit distasteful to include it as a basic part of one's strategy. Anyway, they successfully suck some funds from the friendly Aussies. I actually think that like most urban nuisances, Thunk is benefiting from the fact that people will pay for them to go away.

The Teeth approach Harry's Café, and learn that they've indulged in one too many layers of overly inventive smartitude, that Chris was in fact not lying, and that the FF is but a memory. Of course, in this situation, having gone for the FF and missed it isn't nearly as big of a problem as it was for Mary and Peach. All they really risked was their place in line -- which probably would have been the same (last, that is) anyway. In the end, it was a free shot for the Teeth, wacky maneuvering notwithstanding. As they head for BridgeClimb, Paige says that she's a little bit happy they didn't have to eat the meat pie, but Blake is disappointed, and can only hiss, "Damn."

Boston is cabbing it to the airport, and they talk about whether they're sure that nobody else can get the FF. Man, don't they watch this show? How many times has Phil explained this? Why do they think it is that teams have to figure out when it's most advantageous to...oh, never mind. They go inside and ask for a flight to Adelaide. The friendly ticket agent breaks the news that they'll be "overnighting in Melbourne," which they say is fine, as long as that's fastest. Chris voices over that this will get them a couple of hours ahead of everybody -- "This is a real smaaht decision," he says. "We're wicked smaaht. We're from Boston and we're wicked smaaht." Hee! It's not every barrel-chested bouncer who has the balls to channel Casey Affleck. Their flight takes off at 11:06 PM.

Wil and Tara check into a hotel. "Seventy-six per room?" Tara asks, and she's told that's right. Seventy-six per room, not per person. Plus, there's a bathroom! What a great hotel! Your very own bathroom, whee! I bet they give you sheets and towels, too, and your own bar of soap. (I must say that I think in the future, seventy-six per room and seventy-six per person will treat Wil and Tara the same way, if you know what I mean.) On their way up, Wil tries to banter with Tara in the elevator, and when she actually laughs, he beams. Boy, I could almost feel sorry for him if he wasn't, you know, Wil.

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