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Dave and Gary make their way toward the park. "Everybody waves as they go by," Dave remarks. "Is that right? Why?" Gary asks. "Because we're in Coober Pedy. There's only twelve people in town." See that? Dave is effortlessly funnier than Gary is, no matter how laboriously he toils.

Boomerangville. Paige throws another loser. Tara steps up. "Ask that guy to give you more instruction!" Wil bitches. "I'm gonna ask that guy to make you shut up in a second," Tara comes back. Over in the peanut gallery, Wil is not amused, but Danny is a bit amused, and Blake is extremely amused. Tara's shot is a loser, and so is Oswald's. And then Paige steps up and throws it, and glory, hallelujah, it comes back and lands in the circle, to a comically overblown musical cue. She and Blake grab the clue, which sends them on a short walk to the pit stop mat. They get there, and Phil tells them they're team number two. TEAM NUMBER TWO. Did you notice how these people played since the last elimination point? They screwed up the first Roadblock, they screwed around at the second Detour, they drove all over God's green earth looking for Murray House, they had to fly standby on the absolutely last flight they had any chance of using to get out of Sydney, they completely misread the signals from another team and therefore they went for the Fast Forward when it was already, if you ever want proof that there is too damn much bunching this season, just look at how really, really hard the Teeth tried to get eliminated this week, to no avail. Last season really did generally reward good play, but this is just...there's too much bunching and too much luck and too much randomness in the equation, and it's really annoying me. Blake says Paige is his "freaking hero." Whatever.

Tara's next boomerang toss is close, but no cigar. Oswald prepares to throw, and she says to him, "You're limp-wristed, too!" Oswald: "Shut up, bitch." Ha! Oh, come on, that was funny. You can totally hear a chuckle at the beginning of Oswald's retort, and then she laughs at being called a bitch, so the entire exchange suggests to me that nobody took offense. I mean, you obviously can't say that to someone you don't know, but I would completely believe this is the kind of joke you could make to Oswald with no difficulty at all, because given the way he talks about being "really, really butch," I hardly think he's going to be wounded. You also have to remember that back in the early days of ChaTaGaDa, these teams did spend a fair amount of time together, so I can believe they've got the foundation for her to make that crack without it being any sort of a deal.

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