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I'm Not A Miner! No, You're An Idiot!, Part II

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Cha-Cha-Cha's hunt for the park is going a little less smoothly. They find an information center and ask directions, but I think they're bleeding a little time. The Teeth, meanwhile, bicker a little about the road signs, but they keep going after Paige convinces Blake that she knows what she saw.

Thunk arrives at the golf course. "This sucks," Dave says simply. "No, no, this is fine. This is good. It's better than the mining," Gary insists. Not. Furthermore, when they take out the clubs, Dave unhappily points out that he's left-handed (Gary doesn't know this?), and the clubs are all righty. Oops. That seems kinda unfair, actually. In the end, I don't think it mattered a whit, but it does seem unfair. They complete the first hole, though, without getting the tee/hole combination wrong, so they're a step ahead of where they could be, anyway.

The Teeth reach the next clue, which is the Roadblock. This week's Roadblock requires that one of the team members successfully throw a boomerang from inside a marked circle and get it to come back and land inside the circle. You can throw as many times as necessary, and you get a little instruction, but if another team shows up, you have to take turns. Paige agrees to do it.

Arid golf. Thunk completes another hole.

Cha-Cha-Cha notices that as they head for the Roadblock flag, Taraweasel is actually ahead of them, so they did indeed bleed some time on the driving. Meanwhile, up at the boomerang Roadblock, Paige is told to concentrate on snapping her wrist when she throws. Taraweasel and Cha-Cha-Cha hop out of their SUVs and head for the Roadblock.

"Throw it a little higher!" Blake kibitzes as Paige tries to concentrate. "With maybe a little more force, Paige! Don't flick it with your wrist, really throw it!" Paige: "He told me to flick with the wrist!" Blake: [weakly] "Okay." Ha! Blake: King Of Questionable Advice. The two other teams approach, with Oswald throwing his backpack down the steep hill after determining that that's easier than climbing down with it on. Tara and Oswald take the Roadblock.

More from Pebble Beach, where Gary and Dave complete the last hole and leave, after a hearty farewell from Golf Course Guy.

Back at the boomerang, Tara's first attempt is a little weak, and then Oswald takes over. "What are you doing!?" Wil yells. "I don't get to go, Wil, just leave me alone!" she yells back. Ack. Danny thinks Oswald might be throwing a little too hard. "We're gonna be here forever," Oswald frets. Boomeranging ensues. Paige? No. Tara? No. Oswald? No. Paige, Tara, Oswald? No, no, no. "Why does it keep going towards the tree?" Ozzie wonders. "If Itchy and Scratchy catch you guys," Wil complains, and Blake finishes, "We're going to kill you all." Again, get the joviality between Wil and Blake. The hell?

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