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I'm Not A Miner! No, You're An Idiot!, Part II

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Oswald declares that he is "on a personal mission" to find the opal, but it seems to be Danny that comes up with it. "This is a hundred percent it," he says confidently. They run out to Burly, with an apparently re-energized Oswald actually running out ahead, which I take as a very good sign. Burly: "Beauty." Oswald pats him on the shoulder, and they're done with the mining. Yay! Wil and Tara discuss their progress. Wil seems to think the golfing would have been better, but she's not so sure, and she thinks they just should keep looking. Elsewhere, Gary begins to lobby Dave to change tasks. "At least with the golfing, we have a sense of progress. We could be here forever." Dave hesitates. "You think so?" "Yes," Gary says emphatically. "Really, is that the move?" Dave asks. "These guys have looked for forty-five minutes. They've looked thirty minutes longer than us," Gary says. Of course, that's sort of irrelevant, given that either team could now find an opal at any time, particularly if Gary and Dave would (1) look in the pile of rocks, rather than smack the walls; and (2) start looking and stop talking about looking. They give up and head for the golf. When they're gone, Wil starts bitching. "You sure you don't want to do the golf?" he asks. Tara talks him down. I hope he thanked her later. He doesn't thank her now, of course. He says, "I think this is really stupid."

Dave has misgivings in the SUV about changing to golf. "You've never golfed in your life," he says to Gary. Back at the mine, Tara and Wil continue to look.

Commercials. Get a better hairdo, and you'll have a better life. Would Paul Mitchell lie to you?

"It's all up to dreams and fate now, Gary," Dave says as they drive back to the metal tree to take the golf clubs. "Why didn't we just go golfing half an hour ago?"

Meanwhile, Cha-Cha-Cha hunts heads for the Breakaways. Back in the mine, Tara finally finds the opal. She takes it to Burly, who tells her, "Banzai." They pick up the clue. Now they, Cha-Cha-Cha, and the Teeth are all on their way to the Lookout 2 marker. In the Teeth SUV, Blake comments that Paige's last golf shot "really might have saved us the race." "Well, you gotta do what you gotta do," she says with a smile.

Thunk gets back to the metal tree and takes the golf clubs. "Let's do this, let's do this!" Dave says, trying to rally. I have a feeling he knows they're screwed.

Wil and Tara head for Lookout 2. He congratulates her on her opal-finding: "Good job spotting that, Tara." "Good job being an idiot again today," she replies. Now come on, when he failed to give her "props" before, she complained, and now that he does it, she comes back with that? Even weasels deserve a small chance at redeeming themselves, you know.

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