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I'm Not A Miner! No, You're An Idiot!, Part II

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Commercials. If I buy a Dell computer, can that kid stop talking to me and get a real job?

Mine. Danny and Oswald are still searching as Tara climbs down, followed by the Weasel. Finally, Cha-Cha-Cha finds the rock pile and digs in with their shovels. The idea is that you shovel some stuff into a little pan, and then you shake the pan and look for an opal. "Dios mio," Oswald groans as they dig in. As Taraweasel searches for the rock pile, Danny and Oswald quickly figure out that the whole hunting-an-opal thing isn't going to be easy. Tara and Wil locate the rock pile, and join Danny and Oswald in the hunt. When Tara asks Danny whether the thing she has might be an opal, Danny tells her no, she should be looking for something green. Eeps, why is he helping her? Self-preservation is the name of the game, Danny! Let her waste her time on a few pointless rocks! At any rate, she comments that it's going to take her and Wil a lot longer to find an opal if he stands there like a fool, which is what he's currently doing.

The Teeth are on their way to the golf course. Blake reads her the rules -- they have to alternate shots, and they only get one ball, so they'd better not lose it. As they find the course, Blake says that he thinks this could be their big break, since they actually know how to play golf.

Gary and Dave arrive at the mine. They gripe about the weather and the overalls, but they keep moving, and at this point, they're really doing all right.

Blake and Paige tee off at what the subtitle tells us is the "Tee for Hole #4." They take a few putts and finally sink it. Woo-hoo! But the subtitle says, "Hole #1." D'oh! The umpire gives them the bad news.

Back at the mine, Wil gives the word that he's found an opal. "These are definitely them," he says. They run out of the mine and over to the burly opal-checker, just as Thunk enters the mine. Burly shakes his head at their faux-pal, and even though Tara protests, there's no changing the verdict. As they head back to the mine, Wil complains some more. "Why are we doing this one? I'm not a miner!" "Yeah, I know, you're an idiot!" Tara replies. Meanwhile, Danny thinks he might have an opal as well. He's not sure, but he thinks they have to go and see, probably in part because Wil and Tara just took off with something that didn't look all that opal-icious, so Danny is wondering whether the opals are going to turn out not to be as obvious as he's thinking they should be. Gary and Dave pass Cha-Cha-Cha as they go to find the rock pile.

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