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I'm Not A Miner! No, You're An Idiot!, Part II

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Dorks on Golf

Danny and Oswald keep an eye out for the Big Winch.

At 3:00 PM, the second charter lands. In an interview, Tara expresses her feelings about the weather thusly: "Hotter than a well-digger's ass in Texas." I have to think she could have done better than that, but her point is taken. She and Wil and the Teeth take off in their SUVs, just as Cha-Cha-Cha pulls up to the Big Winch which, helpfully enough, carries a sign that says, "THE BIG WINCH." Not exactly what I was expecting, but apparently it really is a local landmark. They run up past the winch and find the metal tree. "I see the thing!" Oswald calls helpfully. They pull the clue, which is this week's Detour.

Detour, two tasks, flappety yap. This week's is Cool Down or Heat Up, a Detour that is basically a Tortoise/Hare. The Hare is playing three holes of golf at a very steamy course (up to a hundred thirty degrees, Phil says -- man, is that possible?), and the Tortoise is going down in an opal mine and finding an opal. Presumably, you'll find the opal if you look long enough, and you could even get lucky and get out quickly, which is what makes the Detour a little unconventional. There is also the added factor that the mine is cool, which is likely to appeal to these people who have been slogging along in the high heat for this last stretch. Incidentally, Phil specifically says that they need to find the opal in a pile of dirt, so presumably, the producers know that there are opals in there to be found. When they find the opal, they're supposed to bring it to a burly-looking miner-type, who will verify its opal-icity, and send them on their way. In the golf task, there is also an added layer of difficulty because the holes and tees don't match up in an obvious way, so you have to use a map to make sure you're playing the course properly. I like this Detour, because it's harder to figure than the "do this," "do that" clues I've been griping about for the last several weeks. Complication is a good thing.

Drunken cameramen whet your appetite for the opal mine, and Cha-Cha-Cha decides that's the way to go. Oswald even thinks he saw it on the map. Go, Oswald!

Thunk's charter lands at 3:15. Dave comments that the driving-through-the-outback portion of the leg should favor them, because they tend to do well at driving. I would actually go along with that, given their past performance. They're hoping somebody else screws up. Meanwhile, Wil and Tara find the Winch. They pull the Detour and decide on the mine, because they have no interest in golfing.

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