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We're starting an hour and fourteen minutes late tonight. I think that's a record. Poor Phil even had to get on Twitter and tell everyone the show was still going to be on. Also a record? Our hearts getting broken by the previouslies. Miss you already, Zev and Justin.

Phil welcomes us back to Phnom Penh, "the capital and cultural center of Cambodia, a city renowned for its historical institutions and premier universities." And for Wat Phnom, the fourth Pit Stop. "Sam and Dan will depart first, at 12:25 PM," Phil informs us with uncharacteristic brevity. He leaves out the part about how they won the leg by default thanks to Justin's loss of Zev's passport, but we remember last week. And the previouslies. The clue reads, "Fly to the Persian Gulf and find the world's tallest building." That's surprising for two reasons: one, it's not supplying them with a specific destination city, and two, are we seriously skipping India? WTF? Phil narrates that teams must "figure out" that the Burj Dubai is that building. We see a shot of the enormous glass pinnacle soaring over the city of Dubai, which isn't exactly a one-story town to begin with. Phil adds that it's still under construction, and "nearly twice the height of the Empire State Building." In case that's a little too vague for you, my research indicates that the point of the spire is about a half a mile above the ground. That's barely suborbital. However, rather than going straight there, the clue directs them to first fly to Dubai, find a Bellagio-style fountain, and sign up for one of two elevator rides to the 124th floor. Which isn't even the top, I should add. But the next clue is waiting for them up there.

Sam and Dan run out to the street and hail a taxi limo. They interview about Zev and Justin's fate, adding that they're hoping to win this new leg for real, now that they have all this momentum. Sam asks their driver, "Where is the Persian Gulf?" The driver doesn't know. So much for momentum.

The Globetrotters are leaving the Pit Stop at 12:27, which seems a little late, since they arrived last week when the brothers were still on the mat. They ask their cabbie to take them to an internet café, Flight Time signaling the concept to the driver by miming typing. They interview that they're a strong team because of what they've been through. "We're gonna do it tough, we're gonna do it hard." Taken out of context like that, it almost sounds like Flight Time's "internet" signal should be typing with only one hand.

Brian and Ericka leave at 12:30, and after we learn from them that this leg's allowance is $160, they tell their driver to get them to the airport quickly. In an interview, Brian explains his position that the race is "a big game of karma." Ericka seems to be this week's first, if not only racer, to know off the top of her head that the world's tallest building is in Dubai. She seems shocked that he didn't already know this as well. I confess that I didn't either. This is the leg that Trash and I would have lost, thanks to my insistence that we travel to Kuala Lumpur.

In the internet café, at separate terminals, the Globetrotters are also looking at flights to Dubai, either because they too already knew this or because they researched it on the internet. Either way, Big Easy finds a flight leaving today at 3:30, connecting in Bangkok. Except they can't book it less than 24 hours in advance, so now they have to get to the airport anyway. Whoops. I think this might be what they call in their line of work an "airball."

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