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Cultural Ignorant Americans Make Little Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan
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Hey, remember Delhi? Phil does. "Founded more than 2200 years ago," he informs us, "it is now one of the most populated cities in the world." We're at Pit Stop number seven, Humayun's Tomb. Phil asks us, "Having claimed four first place finishes, can anyone stop Nick and Starr?" Can anyone edit that line? The object and the subject are all janked up. Anyway, because Nick and Starr arrived at the Pit Stop at 10:14 a.m., they're leaving the Pit Stop twelve hours later, at 10:14 p.m. I'd just like to pause and recall that Nick and Starr began their leg at 8:55 the previous morning, which means they finished the entire thing in under an hour and twenty minutes. I've had showers that took longer than that. But two legs will do it for India this season, so now the teams will all have to fly one thousand miles to Almaty, Kazakhstan. After they land, they'll take taxis to a certain chicken factory to find their next clue. And they're getting $403 for this leg, so that doesn't sound like a very short taxi ride. Nick interviews that every week he gets more pessimistic at the start of a leg: "I just keep waiting for our luck to run out [or] some other team to zoom in front of us and blow us out of the water." But for now, they're off to the hotel to do some computer research.

Toni and Dallas are leaving ten minutes behind them, at 10:24. As they walk to the hotel, Dallas admits, "The only thing I know about Kazakhstan is Borat." "And we're not going to mention that to anybody," Toni says firmly. In an interview, she says that they've been "under the radar," which she sees as an advantage. Yet as they arrive at the hotel business center, Starr's radar goes off quite visibly. While uniformed concierges help Toni and Nick search for flights, their partners sit behind them flirting, to the accompaniment of romantic piano music. Starr asks Dallas if he's shy, and he denies it. "You didn't make any eye contact with me in L.A., though. I tried so hard!" Starr points out. "I was on the race," Dallas explains. That's a better answer than saying he was staring at the Southern Belles instead. Toni breaks up the little party by reporting what she's found: a Lufthansa flight that transfers in Frankfurt -- that's Frankfurt, Germany, several time zones ahead of where they're going -- and lands back in Kazakhstan at 11:50 p.m., presumably the following evening. They can reserve their seats from here at the hotel, but they need to go to the airport to actually buy the tickets. So that's where they're off to, in their separate cabs. Dallas remarks that he wants to help Starr, but he also wants to win a million dollars. "If I win a million at least I'll be able to pay for dinner." Good point. Tell her that and maybe she'll convince Nick to hang back.

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