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Drivers, divers, and dolls

Joseph and Monica get across and get their clue; Dave and Lori do the same. The more I see of Dave and Lori, the more I can tell that they are exactly the kinds of people I enjoy, to the point where I have a strangely familiar feeling like I know them, especially him, even though I know I don't. Awesome, dryly goofy, proudly geeky men like Dave are, to me, one of the universe's sublime pleasures. Every dorm and apartment building could be filled with Daves, and I would be happy.

Just as this first clump of teams is leaving the zip line, Ray and Yolanda are arriving. In MoJo's car, she says to him, "Where's our race pack?" He hands her the Amazing Purse, saying, "Give me the pack back, once you're done." I don't know about all of you, but in the M. Giant and Trash Living Room Of Tuesday Night Reality Television, we all immediately said, "Oh, they're going to lose their bag, then." Or, as M. Giant put it, "Clearly, the pack now has to go off in the third act." So from this point, it wasn't a matter of whether someone was losing a bag, but when.

Wanda and Desiree arrive at the zip line. They pass a departing Dave and Lori, who give them encouragement. Danielle and Dani, elsewhere, are on the right path to the zip line, while Lake and Michelle? Not so much. They are seriously out in the middle of a field. He climbs up on top of the car to get a look around. When they head back to where they just were and she bugs him to slow down, he says, "If you don't shut up…" He doesn't finish, which is probably a good thing. You can call it sort of a...penultimatum.

8:24 AM. Fran and Barry. Leaving an hour and a half after the last other team. Fran tells us that they're unhappy about being in last, and they'll be giving it their all on this leg. This is the happiest they will be during the whole hour, so I hope you enjoy it.

Ray and Yolanda cross the zip line. She's a little nervous, but she manages. Wanda and Desiree follow.

At the Brotas bus station, the Choad Family and MoJo are showing up. They all get tickets on a 9:15 AM bus. When Dave and Lori get there, BJ purports to point to where the clue box with the tickets is, and then he goes, "Just kidding, it's over here!" Oh, the hilarity. The endless, exhausting, make-me-scream-in-actual-pain hilarity. Dave and Lori also get a 9:15 AM departure time.

Danielle and Dani do the zip line, and as they leave, Lake and Michelle are finally getting there.

Ray and Yolanda and Wanda and Desiree get tickets for the 10:00 AM bus.

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