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Drivers, divers, and dolls

6:32 AM. Wanda and Desiree. In the car, Wanda hopes that her stomach is up to the challenge of the zip line. Desiree gives another little interview about how her mom can get really wound up, and how she's responsible for maintaining a semblance of calm. I suspect Desiree herself can get pretty wound up also; she just does it in a different way, and she doesn't pile it on top of her mother's tendency to overreact.

And now, it is time for the zip line to open. As the four teams run together toward the staging area, it appears that it is BJ or Tyler who starts singing, "I don't know but I've been told," and then...nothing. It goes, "Zip lines..." Yeah. Thanks for playing. The fact that the show is called Whose Line Is It Anyway? doesn't mean that people are actually supposed to respond to your improvisation by wondering to themselves, "Whose line is it, anyway?" Wacky, goofy, crazy, hilarious hippies indeed. Fortunately for them, but unfortunately for me, nobody yells out something like, "Good one!" It's what I would have done. After all, the fact that they dropped their line doesn't mean I'd have to drop mine. The four lead teams -- the Choad Family, MoJo, and Dave and Lori -- get harnessed up and ready to zip.

7:06 AM. Lake and Michelle. "Michelle is starting to see the game that I saw after about the first leg," Lake interviews, and I can honestly tell you that I have no idea whatsoever what the hell that means, and not because of his accent. He goes on to say that at times, he gets frustrated because Michelle "plays it too safe." His lust for excitement is demonstrated by his flying over a pothole and going, "Woo!" Because you know what really proves you have a lust for life? Aggressive driving. And then he drives over another bump, and Michelle gets upset, saying, "You just killed my ass." I'm just going to leave that comment alone. Except to say that I think he arguably is her ass. Okay, I didn't really leave it alone.

7:07 AM. Danielle and Dani. "On this race," Dani interviews, "we're not playing with our muscles, we're not playing with our bodies...we're playing with our hearts." She adds, "Hearts first, bodies second." And Danielle throws in, "And then boobs," which strikes me as completely in jest, particularly as I have yet to see them return to any sort of girly appealing for help after the motorcycle debacle of the premiere. I took it as an answer to a question about how they think either their sexuality or their excellent physical condition contributes to their success.

Lake and Michelle are in the process of getting lost.

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