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Drivers, divers, and dolls

5:18 AM. Joseph and Monica. She talks in an interview about how impressed she's been with how calm Joseph has been during the race. I have a feeling that if he weren't calm, he knows she wouldn't be calm, as she does seem somewhat excitable.

5:28 AM. Dave and Lori. Their special nerd theme plays as Lori interviews that they haven't traveled internationally all that much. So they see the race as a "wonderful travel the world together." Boy, that's a novel approach. It doesn't have the powerful suspense of going on the race with someone as a way of determining whether you have anything common with her, but it just might work. Crazy nerds!

BJ and Tyler and Eric and Jeremy are approaching the zip line destination. BJ and Tyler get there first and learn that it doesn't open until 7:00 AM. As Eric and Jeremy approach, BJ and Tyler hide along the side of the road. And then they jump out and yell, and Eric and Jeremy jump a little. It's reasonably funny the first time. Joseph and Monica arrive without incident, but when Dave and Lori come, BJ and Tyler have to climb on their car and ride on it. Sigh. It makes me want to sneak up on them and search their backs for a switch that can be turned down. There can't really be just the one setting, or someone would have given them both so many noogies by now that they would have visible dents in their heads.

6:31 AM. Ray and Yolanda. As they're leaving, Ray talks again about how they've been dating long-distance for five years, and how the race will be a great chance to get to know her. "You're never going to have a chance like this in your life." What, to get to know her? Well, call me crazy, but after five years, I'd consider living in the same place as a possibility. At some point that I would think would come before the five-year mark, if you're not inclined to live closer together, that's your answer right there. I mean, at some point, what you don't know is the result of not trying very hard to find out, and boo-hoo-ing about how put-upon you are because a month-long reality show is the best chance you have to get information is not the most compelling argument I've ever heard. Not that I don't like them, because I do, but these "This is my chance!" people drive me out of my bird. It seems to me that the person is your chance, more than the thirty-day break from work is your chance, no? It's like, "I might have won the lottery, but I never went and found out because I couldn't get a ride."

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