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Drivers, divers, and dolls

Commercials. I think Gillette is heading in the direction of a nuclear razor. It's really all that's left.

When we return, Danielle and Dani are still trying to get a taxi. Finally, they get one who at least claims to know where the trolley park is.

Dolls. Lake refers to one doll as a "rotten mammy-jammer," while Eric propositions the dancers. So everyone is sort of behaving according to his internal script. ["Interesting that Dave is cast as 'The Nerdy Man' when Lake is a way bigger dork-bomb." -- Sars] Finally, Eric manages to get a clue. Well, not like that, because he will never get a clue like that, but, like, a clue for the show. Lake and Michelle get one just after them, and it appears that the clue tells them to go to Red Square and search for Phil. Ray and Yolanda reassure each other they'll find the clue and not to worry. "I have to say," Michelle offers in the cab, "that was way quicker than the car wash."

Speaking of which, Dave and Lori and Joseph and Monica are still searching for said car wash. Wanda and Desiree, however, find the entrance with the red and yellow flag, so their cab driver gets the trophy. Just behind them are Danielle and Dani. So the bit with the trolley depot seems to be the luck of the cab driver, for the most part. Both teams pick buses and head off to fill up their buckets with water. "This has not been a good day," Desiree notes. At least I don't think she's going to have to talk Wanda through the experience of diving into the bucket of sudsy water.

Fran and Barry arrive at the theater with what is becoming their customary grumpiness. They are not a team that wears trailing very gracefully, and they do it a lot, so that's not going so well. Inside, Ray and Yolanda are still hunting. Finally, Ray comments, "That music is, like, playing with my head. I can't find this dang thing." Yep. That's why it's diabolical, and also why it's funny. Finally, Ray finds a clue, which makes him very, very happy. Yay! They leave with the Red Square clue. As they're leaving the theater, BJ and Tyler are arriving. Ray notes in the cab that it's pretty clear that people got lost looking for the Detour locations. Again, this makes him very, very happy. Back inside, Fran says of the doll-hunting, "This is the most frustrating thing I've ever done." Even for a non-cancer-survivor, I would doubt that. "We could have had two trolleys washed already," she complains. Right. But you have to find them first. At this point, it's not going to help to complain, so I'm not sure why she's keeping this up.

Wanda and Desiree and Danielle and Dani are working on washing their trolley cars. Finally, Joseph and Monica and Dave and Lori show up. Finally. So now, there are four teams at the car wash, three teams on the way to Red Square, and two teams bitching and moaning at the theater. Wanda and Desiree seem to be close to being finished washing, but it looks like the top needs a little work.

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