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Drivers, divers, and dolls

Fran and Barry approach the monastery, talking about how beautiful it is. You'll notice they do this by saying it's beautiful, rather than by saying, "Let's look out the window of our taxi and look at how beautiful the monastery is!" But because they go to the wrong entrance, Ray and Yolanda and Lake and Michelle actually get there ahead of them.

And now, it's time for the fanny pack from the first act to go off. In the Danielle/Dani/Eric/Jeremy cab, the girls realize that they don't have their pack. Dani left it back in the changing room. So they have to jump out and try to get another cab and head back to the Roadblock to get it. Unhappily, they get out of the cab as Eric and Jeremy lament this "huge, huge mistake" by the girls. Nothing depresses Eric and Jeremy quite like the potential elimination of a couple of nice asses.

Now, we have a whole crowd of teams converging on the monastery. They finally get inside and find the clue box. As they walk away from the clue box, Eric talks a little quietly and offhandedly as he rips his clue, saying, "This is like, uh, sacred, so." See? That strikes me as less like mugging. I hate to be reduced to complimenting Eric, but there you go. Lake wants to clean the trolley, thinking the nesting dolls could take a really long time. Michelle seems horrified that he wants to clean a bus, although I'm not at all sure why. She's not going to have to lick it clean or anything. The boys and Fran and Barry also want to wash the bus. Ray and Yolanda, on the other hand, know right where the theater is, because they passed it, so they're taking the safe route and going back there. It's fairly clear when teams get outside and start talking to drivers that this trolley park is not familiar to any of them. Which makes sense, of course, because it's not a tourist destination, and it's not clear why a taxi driver would have any reason to know that, any more than a cab driver in New York would necessarily know the locations of all the places they keep buses. If you don't have an address and it's not a tourist attraction and it's not even a business the public would use, you've got to wonder what kind of a time you're going to have getting a cab driver who knows how to get there. Lake tells his driver to follow Ray and Yolanda's driver, who knows where he's going, not realizing that Ray and Yolanda are going to the theater, not the trolley depot. You'd think that if you were going to follow, you'd at least make sure you were following to the right place.

Danielle and Dani are finally getting into a cab back to the Roadblock.

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