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Drivers, divers, and dolls

There is another yell of "T-Tow" as Tyler runs to the board. He jumps in and he retrieves the clue. It tells them to travel to a monastery. On the grounds, they'll find a cathedral and a clue. Reading the clue, Tyler exaggeratedly says, "Sounds like a date!" and runs off. They are so clearly not going to be eliminated, ever, and it just makes me want to put my head down and weep, because after three episodes of this, I feel like if I see them do anything else kee-razy, I might hurt someone. There's no arguing with their racing ability, considering that every time the teams bunch up, they wind up out in the lead or near it. I would just prefer they were entirely edited out of the show and I were just given an update at the end regarding their position relative to everyone else. I don't hate them; I just have absolutely no desire to watch them do anything. I'm looking for a way to be at peace with it. Something to make me one with the universe. Maybe I need a game of Know Your Lemon.

Lake and Michelle approach the complex. Inside, they grab the Roadblock clue, which they take outside to read. He initially tells her that she needs to do it, presumably for balance. "I might have to do it naked!" she gasps with genuine distress. Now...okay. The show has done a lot of things, but I really don't think they're going to make you do anything naked. Again: FCC. Lake's initial reaction is "So what?", which is kind of hilarious, but when she looks stricken again, he quickly goes to, "Okay, I'll do it." They run in. I wonder if that's going to be her default way of getting out of any Roadblock she doesn't like. "I might have to do it naked!" Eating, driving, climbing...hell, they could make you do anything naked, if you think about it. Well, maybe not anything with harnesses, for safety reasons. Come to think of it, Amazing Naked Race would only be the second stupidest idea they've ever had for a specialty season, so.

Eric and Jeremy and Dani and Danielle arrive. Eric and Dani take the Roadblock. The Dave/Lori/MoJo Taxi Of Love pulls up next. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing that turn into a long-term alliance of sorts, not that I really believe in alliances on this particular show. I like the idea of a friendship among all of them to demonstrate that love strikes the bespectacled and the nonbespectacled alike. Lori and Monica take the Roadblock.

In Wanda and Desiree's cab, they are taking note of beautiful things out the windows. When they get to the complex, Wanda takes the Roadblock.

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